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  1. Hello, I'm running Windows 7 and Firefox 72.0.1(and it's up to date). when I go to edit my photos the box in the third column where I select keywords, has dropped down to the bottom of the monitor below where my photos are(instead of being at the very top of the column next to my photos). It's very difficult to work with that way. Is there any way to bring the box up to the top of the column when I'm editing my images? It worked fine for the last year! (In fact, the whole editing window is completely non-functioning- I can't type anything in it or select the "options" window or anyt
  2. Thanks..... Hmmm... yes it looks like they don't need model releases any more and will ask for one once they need it..... but they also rejected images for not having a model release.. hmmmmm... this company and web site make me go "hmmmmm" a lot!....
  3. Hello, I'm having trouble finding the place to upload model releases. In my dashboard under "Releases" on the top menu there are only previously uploaded releases showing in the window that pops up when I click it and no option to add a release. If I click on the image to edit it, the only option in the boxes to the right of the image is "assign existing release" but again, no option to add a new release... there doesn't seem to be any place to load new release.. anyone else having trouble? David
  4. Thanks Ed.... I normally see the mallard ducks here and my sister has some on her farm, but I didn't look close enough at the ducks... it was really the green algae and the trails that caught my interest.... my thought was that the interest would be in the image... not the "duck"!!.. and now I'm going to add " Branta canadensis " to my "duck" images and watch them go viral!!
  5. Thanks..... Most of the time I'm shooting landscapes... when these little critters show up it's easy for me to misidentify them.... no wonder those Mallards never showed up again... they were Canadian Geese taking a break from a journey! will update my keywords...
  6. I was also struggling to get my images into the green high discoverability group but then I went back and compared my images in the green with those that were not. I filled out all the information-required and optional and had 10 supertags.... I think the little burp that propels you into the green occurs when you hit 40 keywords(not 50)... as for "optimized"...... I haven't accidentally stumbled into that one yet!!...... PS- "discoverability" and "supertags" don't pass the spell check in the forum......hmmmmmm...... so not only can't we enter into the realm of high discoverability, we can't
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