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  1. A second misunderstanding - I'm not alleging anything. I simply said that a five week dry period was very odd and that with a commission change pending looked a bit suspicious. So I asked if anyone else was experiencing the same. If hundreds of contributors had piled in saying "Yes, me too!" THEN I would have made an allegation. But they didn't so I didn't.
  2. That's fair enough, and yes, I'm probably jumping at shadows. But five weeks with not a single sale reported is very unusual for me. Unusual enough that I thought it worth asking if anyone else was experiencing the same. And like I said, Alamy should think long and hard about just how much contributors like me distrust them, because long term it won't be good for business.
  3. They're not foregoing sales! The sales are still being made. I'm suggesting that they're just not posting them to my account straightaway but are waiting until the end of next month when they can charge me 60% instead of 50%. Is this really so hard to understand? I can't see any other reason why there are suddenly no sales showing on my account in a period which would normally rack up four or five. Especially when I know there was a sale to the Guardian.
  4. This thread is now 110 pages long and I haven't read all of it so forgive me if this has already been mentioned... But is anyone else experiencing a recent drop in sales? I've been averaging more than one sale per week for several years now but suddenly, with an increase in Alamy's commission pending, I've had no new sales reported for five weeks and counting. The last time I went that long without a sale was about five years ago. What's more I know there's been at least one sale because I had an image in The Guardian at the beginning of the month, correctly credited to me and Alam
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