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  1. I doubt corporate buyers spend much time - if any at all - searching for a cheaper image. And if they do, that they will easilly find it. I regularly do reverse image lookups. Obviously, some companies have their entire database excluded from specific search engines. Test for yourself, you'll see. And Alamy can use in its sales pitch to buyers that it pays photographers fair commissions and promotes an equitable business model, not the cheapest.
  2. Cutting commissions for photographers is one route. Another avenue would consist in increasing fees for buyers. I would much prefer to see Alamy move in that direction.
  3. Hello: Any way I can measure traffic I generate to my photos from Twitter and other social media? Under measures we see how many views were generated from keywords but not views from links I send. Any way can track that? Thank you
  4. Adobe also has a special offer that started in July for adobe stock contributors - the first 20 000 contributors who get 300 approved images or $500 in sales in 2018 get a one year subscription. Got mine a few week ago-sweet- and I think its still open. Hope they run it again next year...
  5. Interesting that there are differences. The website is coded to diplay prices of the country you are in. But since you've been here for a long time and received payments, I gues you would have noticed by now if this glitch creates problems in the calculation of amounts due - which is my only concern.
  6. Then try to use your influence to convince her to skip one generation so that we get a fresh face on or money. The prince of whales offspring would look much better on our coins and give a fresh look to monarchy.
  7. Maybe, her photo appears on every single piece of money. I've been wondering how much we pay for copyrights.
  8. Thanks Mandy. This means that its systemic. And also specific to contributors accounts.
  9. Hello: I wonder if other canadian Alamy contributors experience the same thing. I am in Canada and when I look at photos, prices are in pounds. When I noticed that a while ago, I created a buyer account and prices from that one appear in canadian dollars. I get the same behavior from different browers and computers. I forgot about that technical glitch until a few days ago. I received an email from Alamy concerning the Lightroom course and the fee is displayed in pounds. You certainly received it as well- was the price in pounds or dollars? Really not an issue at the moment but I would
  10. Yes turned around. I love playing with the crystal ball but the drawback is that the reflected image is always upside down.
  11. A mysterious image because of the crystal ball. Shot last year and forgotten because deemed uninteresting. I took a second look cleaning archives and now I like the composition which i find loaded with motivating metaphors: stay on track, look into the future, its solid, jump on the train, etc.
  12. We will not go there indeedé :-) Yes its in anticipation of arrests of protestors, not participants and that may catch the attention as caption. Last time a similar meeting was held in Canada, more that 500 were arrested in Toronto. -and as you are a canuck, one of the few times in the history of the country that the eternal flame on parliament hill in Ottawa was shut down.
  13. I have not yet published via Live News because my photos were not related to current events. But I am currently in Quebec City where the next G7 summit will be held in June and in the news here these day there are reports about the jail. Prisoners are being moved to to other prisons to make room in anticipation of the summit. So I will go take photos of the jail. Would you consider this worthy for Live News feed on Alamy ? I would not want to make a bad first impression.
  14. Yes, tricky. Volume seems to be a big part of the equation and the more photos you have the longer you've been uploading, Few photographers make a living just doing stock, but there are as I found out on some forums. They claim the 1$ figure is the same with most agencies, even micro stock where prices are ridiculously low but volume compensates.
  15. I would not buy equipment or incur expenses to produce stock photos. I see it as a way to recycle thousands of photos on my drives. If you count the hours, cost of gear, etc, most would be in the red it think - unless you are one of the few members of the 100 000 or one million club.
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