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  1. hello, I'm a photographer in the UK. Our contributor rates are marked as Platinum, Gold or Silver. I can't find any information on my dashboard or sales invoices which one I am in or perhaps am I not looking in the right place? How do I tell which one I am in? Thanks in advance, Dave.
  2. Thanks for your replies spacecadet and Ed, I didn't realise location wasn't searchable!! what a numpty, how did I not know that.... maybe because there is actually quite a lot more to key wording than I actually understand. so, for some images like travel or foreign countries I have not included the place or country in the tags thinking the location would automatically find it, how frustrating, arrgh, time to re-visit those images. thanks again, Dave.
  3. hello, Just wanted to get a few tips on putting locations into/on images from other members. When key wording do others put in "England" "Wales" "Warwickshire" "Somerset" etc or just the street, town then UK in the location address? As I type in the address, Google maps sometimes finds the right place, sometimes it doesn't! If I type in a company name it can default to another location the other side of the country!! Does anyone have a "best" or preferred way of putting in the exact location and Google finding it, or, is it just a bit hit and miss if G
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