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  1. Thank you, that puts my mind at rest :-)
  2. Thank you very much, thats really helpful. I dont mind waiting I have plenty of patience, just as long as I know what im doing is ok and will keep pushing forward :-)
  3. Thank you for the advice. How can I check on what the searches was for on a zoom, I can see the photos that was zoomed but cant find out anymore info on why it was zoomed. I also didnt realise that Alamy invoice people for the photo sales, so they dont take the money upfront ? that is a lot of waiting around for everyone and open to people wanted money back etc they can take the image, use it and then decide not to pay and have to be chased, thats a lot of admin and legal work
  4. Ive been looking through the All of Alamy (AoA) and trying to submit images that relate, but still no sales. Ive uploaded tons of photos focusing on editorial over last few weeks since I started this thread and still nothing, not one sale, thousands of views, hundreds of zooms but no sales :-( :-( its very disheartening
  5. Ah brill thanks had me worried then ha ha, I'll update those soon cheers
  6. If it's a single person then it should definitely have a model release attached unless it's a new batch like car mechanic which has only just been approved and I haven't attached the release yet. But all others should be ???
  7. Thanks Betty and Brasilnut :-) I have a lot to learn within the stock industry and hence I would like to keep in good terms with everyone to keep learning :-) I have uploaded a new batch of just over hundred images today that I now think will be more suited to this site. I'll keep pushing forward and keep my fingers crossed :-)
  8. Thank you, makes me feel better in that what im doing so far is not wrong, fingers crossed sales will come at some point and yes I can see that you need plenty of that, cheers :-)
  9. Thank you, fingers crossed I'll get a sale soon :-)
  10. Do you upload a model release for this, just trying learn if I really need to on Alamy, if not did you tick it as editorial or not, thanks
  11. I think I'll split my work going forward and try to only post editorial photos here and not to microstock. I find editorial photos easier to do as don't need releases so shouldn't be too difficult to do. Thanks everyone for the advice, I understand it's annoying to see a newbie coming aboard and doing things wrong. But I'm passionate about stock and photography and of course want to make money but don't want to annoy the community at same time as I know the market is getting harder.
  12. Yes I do find the selection a problem in the image manager, thanks for pointing that out, I will go back and correct my keywords
  13. Thanks everyone, really helpful, I will take everything on board
  14. Thank you, its a learning game, but I learn quick ;-)
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