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  1. Your portfolio looks wonderful....and delicious 😋
  2. ok...thanks for that....crazy though at the same time.
  3. I've just been paid by Alamy for the first time (on 3rd Sept) ….I have set the payment option to be via paypal but nothing has arrived....I would have thought such a transfer would be immediate. Is this normal?
  4. This is my third image sold this year....one per month in May, June and July Tebay service station on the M6 in Cumbria UK
  5. I suspect there is a difference with English Heritage as its a govt and therefore our public organisation...…………..Stonehenge is mine and yours and does not 'belong' to an entity but looked after by an organisation with authority to give access or not for its protection.....it used to be the historic buildings and ancient monuments commission I think - they look after our property/heritage sites whereas the NT own as a charity organisation where no public claim can be made. Thanks for posting the above......do I need to take down my recent Dunham Massey photos that I posted last week?
  6. Is it fossilised foliage embedded on the surface perhaps?
  7. How do you add an image into a post on the forum?...i.e. pictures sold in June...I cant seem to find a link to copy and paste?
  8. Domke F2 for full frame (5DMKIII)....Domke a little bit smaller for APSC kit (200D)….and an smaller Domke X5(I think) for just one body and lens
  9. I too only carry a spare for paid work. My back-up is a canon 200D ….for which I have some STM lenses to make a smaller system when travelling and when I don't want to carry my 5D3 full frame camera
  10. I don't know Ireland very well....but stayed in Cork for a night last year...lots of photo opportunities and lots of characterful bars and eating places....should be on your list.
  11. I've seen posts where the contributor knows for what use their image has been sold for....where do you get that info? I cant see it in the sales report.....
  12. Totally agree....and I need to get out more too
  13. Thanks for commenting... and thanks John ...although I did a bit of research for keywording I didn’t pick up on the four faced liar reference...so thanks for that too!
  14. Thanks Vicky....I hope you get some sales soon.....its made me want to upload more, I had tailed off recently.
  15. Its just one image $34....this is the first after starting to upload in March...about 400 images on Alamy now......this one wasn't 'optimized' by the way. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=28EA714F-886F-4D9C-BB7C-567461AADE5B
  16. Thanks for all of the information and for taking the time. I'm trying to 'optimise' all of my images though only a few hundred loaded at this time....not sure if that is absolutely necessary so I'm now adopting a strategy of getting them on sale as soon as I shoot and endeavouring to go back and to optimise as soon as I can later. I'd welcome any feedback on my images so far...quality, content or keyboarding etc...if any of you have the time to give them a look that would be fantastic.....thanks again I really appreciate the information above.
  17. Thanks Kelv....I don't know about yours but mine all show one view, no zooms and no sales.
  18. Brilliant..thanks all. I can now see my QC rank is three stars...my CTR is zero....and most of my images have 1 view but no zooms....my optimised images seem to come up in searches on the first few pages....so I remain hopeful....I still only have a few hundred images yet though. Thanks!
  19. This might sound crazy but how do I find out how many views and zooms I've had and how can I find my ranking....sorry if its obvious but I cant find this from My Dashboard....am I not looking in the right place?
  20. Two of my Ffestiniog railway images appear on page 1 and 2 of a search (both are not optimised -and have 10 supertags, 48 tags) ahead of an optimised image on page 2 (10 super tags, 50 tags) all have captions.....thus proves 'optimised' doesn't really matter in this case at least.....which concurs with advice at the NEC. Between us I think we'll end up with our own Enigma Machine....
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