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  1. Hm..maybe I'm not familiar with the website and this searching stuff. How do you know what people have searched for? I've checked my photos, they show me the tag I've added in. But I have no idea what other people might look for it. I think it would be helpful in terms of adding relevant tags as only working by self could be limited. Also thanks for the software tips. I haven't use this tool in PS before (I only edit my photo as I like and didn't need to think of keywording), therefore I just tag them on the website. And most of the time I need to choose them one by one manually, a
  2. I have question from this as I've asked about keywording before and have been given suggestions on adding scientific names. How do you know the scientific names or even common names if people, like me, are not professionals? Where could I find them out?Maybe with animal it's a bit easier but with random plants I certainly find it hard...I have totally not idea which plant it could be, other than the general idea for example "it's a tree".
  3. Thank you for everyone who have provided useful information. And thank you Rick for solve my question again! And thank you very much for this reply. Now I understand a bit more about how it works on this website and who the main audience are. I haven't thought from this perspective before. Keywording (especially in a very different language from my native language) was not so easy for me. I enjoy taking photos and editing photos afterwards. And I normally take photos under my themes/catagories. But I don't to deep on describing my photos or so and haven't thought abo
  4. I'm actually not asking 'how should people describe the photos', but rather I would like to how people here in this forum (personally) do so after the photos have passed QC. For me, I filled in every single blank which is applicable (although some of them are under 'optional' tab). But I found it really a bit way too time-consuming. So I'd like to know, from personal perspective (or from rule of thumb) which information find people useful and what don't they even bother to do.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm interested in how do contributors here tag or describe their own photos to archive a higher discoverability. And what's supertag? I haven't found any yet, so I'm super-curious about that. Lately I've been given a useful website (https://keyword.io/tool/stock-photo-research) by Rick, which helped me already to add a few more tags. However the discoverability (shown by automatic scale) is still not good enough. Therefore I'd like to know how I could improve on this. Well I had a quick search on the forum and found many people think this discoverability thing
  6. It looks indeed helpful! Thanks so much
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. I find it a bit hard for me to find keywords for my photos (other than the ones come into my mind with a flash), is there any tools or websites which could possibly help me on this?
  8. Hello everyone, it's nice to join the forum here. I've just created my contributor's account two days ago. Today I got an exciting email telling me that my first testing submission has passed the QC - really good news! I'm from China. But I've studied in the UK and now I'm living in Germany. Therefore I have some photos from many different places while travelling around. I'm hoping to start my study in Germany soon.
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