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  1. Steady drip of horse racing pics over the last few weeks, low $ but consistent.
  2. As it's Ebor races this week I've had a mini flurry of low costs editorial sales with shots from last year. One question I do have is what's the difference between Unlimited and In Perpetuity in duration?
  3. Found one of mine on a report about climate change https://www.carbonbrief.org/ccc-adaptation-to-climate-risks-underfunded-and-ignored-by-uk-government
  4. Definitely I wasn't expecting all these comments all in one day and haven't had proper time to reply yet.
  5. Thanks Steve, lots to think about. One thing I would like an opinion on is what do you think is too many if you're doing a set of similar images (say for an event)?
  6. I've having a go through my portfolio of images on Alamy at the moment as I've got a lot more free time on my hands. I've been a member for a few years and get the odd sale every so often. Cheers https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={0C414F1E-0395-4762-B66D-BFB81CA7A113}&name=Ed+Clews
  7. @SShep How are you able to find these images, I've done a site:theguardian.com check in Google and can't seem to find the credited photo.
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