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  1. From the first few few images I have shot I would agree with everything you say. I just need to get my head around not shooting full frame. Never entered my head issues such as this occurring.
  2. Having slept on it overnight and looked again at this file against my previous submissions, I’m sure it is the ambiguity of the car. Also it was the first image numerically in the submission and my understanding is that if a failure is found the rest of the submission is rejected without being QCed
  3. That was the point of the image. The roads in the area have had wild flowers planted on the verges and the subject is trending to a small degree. The image was to concentrate on the verge not the car. If I had shot full frame I could have given a greater focus differentiation between the car and the verge. As it is it is neither one thing or another. Possibly not the sort of subject that plays to the cameras capabilities.
  4. got a smallrig cage/grip on order https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-cage-kit-for-sony-rx100-iii-iv-v-2105.html
  5. I got the Sony as a pocketable alternative to the D700s Shot images on auto Will go back and downsize and try some different files. only send 4 files as a test. One was marked as QC fail but not able to tell if all images were viewed. Anyway will try again.
  6. Just purchased a Sony RX100 Va and had the first trial submission fail QC for 'soft lacking definition' I will admit my eye is not 'in' on images at the moment but images did not look to be a problem, but was. Workflow I'm using is as follows 1:- convert to DNG 2:- process in Bridge and PS CS6, hence the need to convert to DNG 3:- output at camera resolution. as a tif. 4 :- convert to jpeg at quality 12 Basically the same work flow I have used for years with my big cameras adding the DNG conversion.
  7. On 19th Feb I saw one of my images used in an article in The Guardian. Hoped to see it show in my account last month. Just checked and it has not appeared. Has anyone got any idea how long sales like this take to show?
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