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  1. It was a long wait to post on this thred. 2 sales $ popped up yesterday...bulk discount, flat rate but welcomed. Khan.
  2. Dear Ollie, I used %abu dhabi% and as described it gave me the result, which I checked and there is quite a lot to photograph. I am still learnig this research thing. Khan
  3. Thanks a lot for the response, I am really looking into different subject matters and hope to implement your advice in my next shooting. khan.
  4. Dear Wim, tha ks for the detailed answer, I will definitely go through the AoA and will follow what you said. I am fed up of looking my dashboard for the same zooms and same sales over and over. Although my port at Alamy is not that big but still. Anyhow, I really appreciate your time and advice. khan.
  5. What to shoot in Abu Dhabi for Alamy Stock? I have uploaded different type of images to Alamy, however the efforts and time which I spent from my very busy schedule does not seem to pay off any soon, I have tried weather, events, and general seascapes etc but nothing seems to be working from Abu Dhabi. Any guidance will be appreciated from senior members. Khan.
  6. Not a single sale, one zoom only, but can’t complain much because of portal size.
  7. 1. 3d Model, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2. Abu Dhabi City 2. Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  8. Thanks a lot for detailed answer, I am living in Abu Dhabi, UAE and I am also considering other costs and regulations, will dig more
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. But it will take me ages to earn this much money
  10. Dear Members, I want to get some real advice. Currently I own a Nikon d810, a 50mm 1.8G and The Latest Tamron Sp90 Macro Lense. I am very much impressed by the drone imagery and want to get hands on that side of the business. However I do not have $1499 to buy dji mavic pro2. I have two options either to stick with my kit and do provide stock photos from ground or sell my nikon kit and buy drone. please guide me, will I regret selling my nikon over drone?
  11. I never checked the file size ever, and never failed due to file size. I shoot raw with my Nikon D810 and upload the pictures after editing in LR. I sometime crop to my taste and some time I leave all 36mp without crop. Khan
  12. My first sale appeared within two months of uploading to alamy and my portfolio size was around 200 to 300 images, which really motivated me upload more. Khan.
  13. Total Sales 10 Gross: $275 I am pretty happy with Alamy so far as it is my first year to start as a Stock Photographer and also first time to own a camera. My number of images are limited and less than 1000. I belive I am doing good except last two months in which I had only one sale.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, I skipped somehow your text. But once again, Thank you very much
  15. Dear Members, So far I have around 600 pics in my portfolio and none of these have been edited on laptop or desktop. All are edited on Lightroom mobile (that's it). The only issue I face is mobile storage which is limited. I do have G-raid 4 TB, which I connect directly to my mobile via USB connector and import all edited files, whenever I get storage issue. I have tried Lightroom cc on my wife's laptop but I didn't like, I was not comfortable using laptop. I am living with two growing kids and I don't have a separate room to sit relax and edit on laptop, So most of my Edi
  16. Usage: Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use only 12.87 $
  17. Hi Rick, Thanks a lot for kind words. You also have awsome portfolio... Fahd.
  18. Thanks to Allah Almighty. 3 Sales so far in this month ° Bulk Discount ° One time Web Use ° 3rd is for $66 I am very happy with Alamy.
  19. Thanks a lot Brain, kind words mean a lot...really appreciate your time. You also have an awesome portfolio, nice Dog shots and pretty train pics...
  20. Welcome on Board....I searched you on Twitter, you have some awsome picture... My Twitter handle, @eusaphzae
  21. Thanks for supporting... But he might be kidding...
  22. I mostly believe hard work with prays pays... But sale this early, I really meant to thank God...
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