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  1. 5 hours ago, Ollie said:



    You’re at a good location and there should be a market for those images.  My only suggestions would be the following:


    --probably too many “similars” of the “Water Break” series.  Five “organic chinese white pear and red plum”.  Four “burfi” sweet confectionary.  Fourteen+ (I stopped counting) “unripe green oranges on tree”.  Eight high voltage power lines with colorful clouds.  Many of the dome of the Abu Dhabi Louvre.


    Each group probably all have the same or similar keywords.  If they all show up in a search and most are not zoomed in on this could lower your CTR score, meaning future images will show up farther down in the search results.


    --it’s always more interesting to photograph people walking toward you than walking away from you (People in line to enter the Grand Prix; tourists in Heritage Village; people at ADCB cycles pick up point; toddlers on bikes at the Corniche; people in line to enter the public beach).  Not to say that images showing peoples clothing or style of dress won’t sell, even if it’s a shot from the rear; they may, but the image is more likely to be interesting if we see people from the front.


    --maybe too many night shots from inside the car during the heavy thunderstorm; pick the best only.


    You do lots of close-ups and that’s always good.  I always try to remember Robert Capa’s advice:  if your images aren’t good enough you’re not close enough.  Some of the umbrellas on the beach scenes are rather far away.


    Feel free to critique my own  if you like.  We can always benefit from listening to someone else’s (not a family member) eye.


    Good luck.


    Dear Ollie,

    I cant thank you enough for your time and going through the Portfolio,  I welcome your criticism and will make a note of that. I have removed some once but it will take the time to completely removed from my portfolio.

    Soon I will go through the similars again and leave the best only. By the way you have wonderful and well diversified portfolio.

    Once again, thank you very much.





  2. 10 hours ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    Very good indeed. You can't control the prices, the buyers control the prices via bulk discounts etc.

    I must thank you guys for very positive feedback.

    Now one thing is clear that sales are good everything is on track. Had you look into a page or two of my portfolio for any suggestions,  I would really appreciate and love to hear something. 





  3. 31 minutes ago, andremichel said:

    There is a big delay between uploading images and getting sales reported. It took 9 months before my first sale was reported. 


    15 sales in the first year is extraordinary. If you are disappointed then it is because you set your goals very high. The stock industry is highly competitive and saturated these days. 

    I really appreciate your response,  thanks for positive feedback 




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