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  1. I also did not receive but I am on Skrill. I was told by alamy to wait as there are some delays on their part.
  2. $5 sale in August, $3 and $5 sales in October so far....not a single sale in November...
  3. 4 sales in this month (May 2020) so far. Unusual for me as I am used to get a sale after couple of months. Khan.
  4. No Slae in three months. Last dropped on December 20. Covid-19?
  5. Last sold picture dated 22 October, 2019. No Sale November and so far empty December. Khan.
  6. 2 MB973 x 645 pixels 114KB compressedUAE, Web, One month Distributor Sale $ 1 MB810 x 540 pixels 76KB compressedUAE, Web, One month Distributor Sale $
  7. I must say you guys are awesome. Thanks a lot.
  8. Dear Ollie, I cant thank you enough for your time and going through the Portfolio, I welcome your criticism and will make a note of that. I have removed some once but it will take the time to completely removed from my portfolio. Soon I will go through the similars again and leave the best only. By the way you have wonderful and well diversified portfolio. Once again, thank you very much. Khan.
  9. I must thank you guys for very positive feedback. Now one thing is clear that sales are good everything is on track. Had you look into a page or two of my portfolio for any suggestions, I would really appreciate and love to hear something. Khan
  10. Thanks for your time. With your comment I am guessing I am right on track. Khan.
  11. Dear Seniors, I wish someone look into my port and give me some tips to improve my port at Alamy, jn order to get some sales. I am bit disappointed with low level oc sales which demotivates me to caption, tag and upload more. Regards Khan.
  12. I've just started in Feb 2018 and uploaded around 1400 in a year with 15 sales in total. Khan
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