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  1. Hi Betty - if you're referring to the images of Gamla Stan streets...they are tagged with with cobblestone and cobblestone streets...
  2. Thank you Chuck and Harry! Harry...you are understanding my question exactly! I always answer the image release questions, but didn't know whether I still needed to check the "editorial only" box. I have decided to leave it and just assume that Alamy will do with it what it will. I'm just hoping that it gets seen and offered! Thank you! Chuck...yes! I am in Yakima! Originally from Texas, but here for the past 20 years! Don't plan on leaving the PNW unless something better ever comes up! Thank you!
  3. Could someone point me in the correct direction in order to understand Alamy's editorial guidelines? On other sites, if there are no releases, I'm required to submit certain images (containing people/places, etc.) as editorial only. While uploading to Alamy, it appears that I can choose editorial as an option...but its not manditory? What is the best way to submit images that wouldn't/couldn't be used for marketing purposes? I hope this question makes sense...thank you in advance for you time and help! Michelle
  4. I'm brand new to Alamy. My first photos passed QC and I've been working on the details and tagging. Once my dashboard says "on sale", how long does it take for the photo to find its way into the search engine? I've searched for them very specifically and they are no where to be found! Thanks for your help!! Michelle
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