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  1. That village is Ballinascarthy, it gets plenty of attention from tourists. Keep telling myself to take a pic every time i pass it. Thanks to you all.
  2. Fantastic piece of work. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks a bunch Harry, i do wish these people would put an information board in their cars.😁
  4. Its a Ford of some sort, the bonnet emblem is some sort of flying bird (grouse may be). Apart from that I am open to any help. Cheers in advance. Andy
  5. Shocking started of ok with a licence first day of the month then fell into a black hole. 16$ gross. Onward!
  6. Burial site of over 9000 victims collected who were buried without a coffin on this site during the great famine in Ireland. Its a very powerful poem.
  7. You could look here Bill one or two look very similar http://www.greenmanconservation.co.uk/Tree_Decay_Fungi.htm Andy
  8. Hi Edo sorry to here about your troubles. Things to do in order, first get your PPS number, then register with a GP (your nearest health clinic)they will tell you what bits of paper you need to register, then apply for a medical card. If your eligible and you should be that entitles you to health care virtualy free. Your drugs if they are classed as for certain conditions (ie diabetic) are free, there is a list. Hope that helps a bit. Andy
  9. Look on the bright side looks like the hospital workers are out on strike on thursday, might be a picket line or two around.
  10. Thanks V muchly just keep bashing away, hopefully for some fine sunny weather shots this summer.
  11. I've been to Andy's house that's his shed.🤣
  12. Look on the bright side at least your face won't catch fire if its asbestos foundation cream. 😊
  13. Well done indeed from such a remote location its a fabulous effort.
  14. Thanks a million wim, as usual for your forensic searches always amaze me. Updated caption etc now. Again thanks. Andy
  15. I got the year from DVLA website. If you put in the Reg you get a limited amount of info. Year of manufacture and colour that's all. Thanks for the effort. Andy
  16. Just passed 2500 since joining Alamy Feb last year and 18 sales. Onwards and upwards. 😐
  17. That will teach me to read the date correctly, sorry about that 🤔
  18. +1 from gvallee, these things can take a while. Today had an invoice for 30/01/2019 just cleared today, at last it was for $$$ gross.
  19. I have it as a Bentley MK V1 1952, open to offers if anybody can help. Thanks in advance Andy
  20. Grave of a soldier who took part in and survived the Battle of Rorkes Drift. The battle made famous by the film Zulu.
  21. Your good lady would not be allowed to vote in any referendum that required a constitution change, eg the recent abortion or divorce referendum, just the normal elections as she is not an Irish citizen. She could apply after a qualifying period, the good news both the UK and Irish governments are quite happy to allow dual nationality, ie hold both passports. Worked for me and you can never have to many passports😊 Cheers Andy
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