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  1. Alamy tweets saying they are aware of the problem, its a technical issue, they are trying to resolve it but cannot give a time frame at the moment.
  2. Alamy twitter states all future uploads can be set as default only available on Alamy in AIM. I can't find it or just being dumb!
  3. I know it well having spent a lot of time in Lympstone and Plymouth. Apparently a guy down there is growing tea which is related to camellia I believe, know idea what it tastes like.
  4. Thanks John its in full flower now and very common over here in Ireland, where thankfully the frost holds off most winters. Your plant expertise is always gratefully welcome. I had one in my garden in Nottingham and never saw it flower fully without frost damage.
  5. Thanks Janet there are hundreds of similar looking varieties to me. Its a good start, looking at yours there are 2 overlapping petals counting out from the centre my image has three. Thanks again. Andy.
  6. Nearest I can get is Camellia Japonica. Can any body help with the variety. Thanks in advance. Andy
  7. Anybody else had this? Views figures not budged over three days Zooms: 0 for a week (not overly bothered) But 2 sales drop in today never been zoomed or viewed and not showing up today as ever been zoomed or viewed. Just curious.
  8. Country: GermanyUsage: Consumer goodsMedia: PuzzlesPrint run: up to 1,000Start: 01 January 2019End: 01 January 2022Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Germany again. Media: Puzzles?? $ new one on me.
  9. Thankfully I am not driven by social media, never had any of those accounts, bit old fashioned if you want to talk phone, call over or write a letter, speak clearly and don't mumble
  10. Agree with Matt I also upload to live news and had that exact experience last year. The emergency services had just arrived on scene, the appropriate treatment was being carried out so I concentrated on the wrecked vehicles without any people in the images. If how ever I was first on scene the camera would stay in the car while I gave assistance until the services arrived.
  11. Hope it paid for the pint, Murphy's man myself never been able to find it when over in UK.
  12. Shot while out on a random country walk. Chilean Fire Bush in flower. High $$ just re enforces "always carry your camera".
  13. A year today on Alamy, just under 2000 uploaded 13 sales for just under $700, I think that's a positive start to the journey
  14. Only 3 but compared to some a reasonable return 175 and only 6 zooms as well and from a small port.
  15. Christmas morning swim nice $$$ happy with that. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: up to 2 millionPlacement: Inside and onlineImage Size: 1/4 pageStart: 26 December 2018End: 27 December 2018One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.
  16. Thanks v much, live news always worth having a go at.
  17. Things are looking up. Just had a Christmas swim licence drop in from the sun large $$$. And it actually is my birthday today.
  18. 2 sales very early in the month 1 for $$ the other not worth mentioning, since then been watching the tumbleweed blowing across the table top.
  19. A healthy dose of cynicism on my cornflakes gets me going in the morning.
  20. Cheer up Andy you might get a refund on top of that yet.
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