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  1. + everything Andy (Colblimp) said plus proper scientific names are important as this is often the tag that is searched for. I know it can be a pain but well worth the search effort to get the correct names.
  2. Never get a table at my club again. Andy
  3. Absolutely damned un English, I would be kicked out of the cricket club and thrown into the stocks.😯
  4. Thanks Allan after checking your link i'm happy with my tags.
  5. Any help much appreciated, I have them as common green shank and redshank, some images on google have their names swapped. Thanks in advance. Andy
  6. This was just a drive through on an afternoon out and about. The local paint shop must do a roaring trade, very pretty though.
  7. Thanks Darryl the US tag would be helpfull
  8. Started of with a flyer first day 2 sales $$ each then crashed and burned for the rest of the month. Ever hopeful for this month.
  9. Yet again thanks a million John. Tags being updated now. Andy
  10. Hi John, looking online there are a lot that look very similar, the flowers are large, just starting flowers opening last couple of weeks, all of them over here are doing the same. We are having early high temps and no frost so all the camelia's and magnolia's are in full undamaged bloom. Thanks for your help as usual the font of all knowledge leafy.
  11. Sorry TeeCee my mistake on the label with grandiflora. Yes it is a large deciduous tree and in bloom now.
  12. Any help with this Magnolia please. I think its a Grandiflora variety. Thanks in advance Andy
  13. Absolutely somebody else's misfortune is always handy for live news.
  14. Council worker is a contradiction in terms surely. Not a bad job for your CV though. Wonder how the bonus scheme would work? Per bat per hour may be.
  15. I read it, we used have the large black ones (no idea of species) visiting the banana tree's in our back garden in Malaysia at night when I was a kid. Banana's used to grow then the Elephants from the logging camp up the road used to nick them. Never got any banana's. Andy
  16. Live news image. I could see what was going to happen ran across the quay and just got there in time.
  17. I was not doubting the existence of the animal more that image was not doing it justice. And for a layman I have spent hundreds of hours tracking leopards/ big cats with Kalahari bushman who are also layman with no Phd and they would show you how your eyes can be fooled by a skilful poacher. Having said all that they are my fav big cat with the ability to vanish just by moving 2 feet into a bush.
  18. I'm just pointing out to me that image looks very stiff legged and odd where the front left leg joins the body, yes it may be a trick of the light or the angle causing it but looks a very unreal walk for a leopard.
  19. Any body else had this odd situation. At the top of my Dashboard showing a current cleared balance $75.00 But when I click into my Account balance page its showing current cleared balance of $155. ?? There are no refunds etc. Are they using separate data bases I wonder.
  20. Agree with you Allan the front looks out of proportion where the legs join the body, far to straight and thin at the top where the shoulder ends. May be a trick of the light but i'm not convinced.
  21. I read about Zooms once in an old manuscript, recon its an old wives tale myself.
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