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  1. Country: IrelandUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 10,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/4 pageStart: 24 February 2020End: 24 February 2025 Mid $$ Live News image. Pleased with this image, Father Tony Coote recently RIP finishing his walk across Ireland for Motor Neurone Disease support. The press pack were waiting at the finish, i took this image 1/2 mile out of town balanced on a farmers wall. Sometimes pays not to be a sheep and follow the heard. 😐
  2. It took me ages to gain the trust of the local trawler skippers when i first turned up on the fish quay. Once i convinced them i'm not from the Revenue, Customs, Fisheries or Taxman and got a few images in the local paper they were fine. Now got to the stage if something interesting is pulled up in the nets i get a text and phone pic "what is it be along side at 5am". So worth the patience i think.
  3. I'll stick with the ladies on this one. Male lions have a very short and violent lives, kicked out of your family when about 2, if you don't starve to death fight and win another family when your about 4-5, by about 7 another male/males kick you out and you starve to death again or get killed in the fight. Definitely better of being a lady and staying at home with the kids.🙄
  4. I'm leaning more towards big cats, lions etc spend up to 23hrs a day sleeping 1hr working or hunting .
  5. That's the same little sod that's nicking food from by bird feeders. War was declared in m garden this morning.😡
  6. 2 zooms in 2 months, on the subject of insect pets moths make excellent companions, sleep all day and dead easy to exercise just turn on a light bulb.😀 Onwards.
  7. Well Done John and thanks for all the free advice. Can't see flowers catching on though.😁
  8. Free range eggs at a local food market 3 ladies hand spinning wool
  9. Country: WorldwideUsage: Educational book, editorial print + digital use, inside, one time use onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 11 February 2020End: 11 February 2030 Ian Bailey fighting extradition to France having been found guilty in his absence in a French court of the murder of his partner. Mid $$
  10. Picking up the point from Sally, i live in Ireland with a total population half that of London and also very rural. The English nationals may not pick up on what to some would look mundane but over here may be more important, the Irish publications of those English newspapers probhably will pick up that story.
  11. Same here i don't mind the cold but shoot from a car, getting wrecked gear is not worth the shot. I got a home made bean bag which makes a great camera rest against the car window opening, very cheap and very affective.
  12. Volume double last year doubled my port (still not huge) but revenue the same almost to the $. Onwards.😐
  13. Just dropped in Book print and digital one time use. High $$ very pleasant change.
  14. Chuck you obviously have some rare images (much more than mine). My particular gripe was about scarce images on Alamy anyway, I had a licence for an image which if you use the search string to find it only yield 6 or 17 images depending how you word the search (6 of them are mine), so the client did not have allot to choose from. Surely Alamy could negotiate more than small $ Net for it. Just seems lazy to me.
  15. Only been on here a couple of years, used to go out of my way (lots of miles) for images. Not any more, don't get me wrong love taking images but now just carry the camera everywhere and see what comes along. Even live news has to be close with todays dwindling returns.
  16. I can understand that but recently I have had lots of licences that are not even close to the advertised price. They can't all be regular or bulk buys. ( Magazine 5000 or less).
  17. This has probhably been raised before but can someone explain why web site usages keep getting licenced for tiny $ (which I and many others keep getting) when the price shown for a download for this usage is clearly shown as £29.99. (At least it is on my download page). Thanks in advance. Andy
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