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  1. Please do not get me wrong, i am not anti cyclists at all, i am very anti anti social behaviour. All decent people pass on by. Hope that balances things up.
  2. My brother is not a nasty n piece of work, this was a narrow pedestrian only foot path, this youth had caused 2 young children to jump out off his way onto a main road and swore waving his fist at and elderly couple "f.... of out the way" as he went by. He like me will not tolerate bullying, if he saw (and has) seen a gang of youths jostling and laughing at an elderly lady with her shopping on the high street, instead of tut tutting and walking by or "somebody should call the police" which they never do, then he would intervene to help.
  3. Speaking of cyclists lack of manners my brother was parked beside a fairly narrow footpath and saw this particular pond life belting towards him on the pavement shouting at folk as he went by. Brother let said cretin get level with his car then opened the door. Effect on Cyclists bike was devastating and effect on pond life was very painfull!!.
  4. Turned up on my coastal walk a few days ago. Probably taking self isolation a bit to far, and hope he don't sleepwalk that's a long drop of that cliff edge.πŸ˜„
  5. She may be related to my partner, she has the same effect on plants as Roundup πŸ™‚ Let her loose with a weeding trowel and nothing is safe. Once decimated a whole bed of mixed herbs i had just planted convinced they were weeds.
  6. I grow all sorts in pots scattered around, anything that is quick cropping Salad stuff that you don't use allot of each time, Lettuce etc. Raddish 3 or 4 to a 3" pot. Just re sow as you use them.
  7. I'm surrounded by farmer friends so muck is no issue plus after every storm i get loads of seaweed from the beach about 200yds away. Agree with the carrots and toms nothing better than homegrown, i grow cucumber across the roof of my green house so the fruits hang straight down. Going back to the carrots i got a piece of ply marked out a grid 1" about a foot square, lay a 10" pot over it and draw round. Cut out the circle slightly undersize so it just fits inside the pot. Drill through the all the intersections of the grid with 6mm drill, fill the pot up to the brim, use the template to firm down the compost. Sow a seed through each hole and sprinkle compost on top, firm again. Carrots all centered and pot full when ready to crop. 3 pots give me all the carrots i need with rotation and all grown on a shelf in the greenhouse. (Works with Parsnips a treat just sow in every other hole to give 2" centres.) Andy.
  8. I suppose there are a million ways to grow veg, everybody does it their way. I'm starting from scratch on his ground. Brand new garden covered in weeds, stones and at least 3 old willow tree stumps and its on the site of an old forge (lots of clinker, bits of iron etc) so the first year is going to be a struggle, thankfully i'm retired so i don't have that weekend blitz to do it all in. The climate down here in West Cork is mild and damp (my neighbour grows a banana tree so that tells you how little frost we get. One thing i have had allot of success with is growing carrots in pots, 1 10" pot gets me about 50 carrots, harvest the whole pot each time stops the horrid carrot root fly.
  9. Found this Guy very interesting Bryan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LH6-w57Slw
  10. Bamboo has no problem breaking up cement and bricks, i've seen it sending up runners that have burst through concrete driveways. Shame we are not exactly knee deep in Panda's over here.πŸ™‚
  11. I don't know if the local authorities have a handle on this Alan, but you can see whole swathes of woodland where the stuff is thick as grass (which it is) growing under the trees. Japanese knot weed is treated far more seriously, over here its illegal to have it on your property (that includes local authority land) and its illegal to sell any land or property that has knot weed on it. I used to live not far from the River Trent in Nottingham and that menace was everywhere along the banks. Andy.
  12. Thanks a mill yet again John your a star. This stuff is growing along verges and into woods near me, it will swamp everything. Same old story plant gets out no natural check, grows like wild fire and smothers everything. Andy
  13. Any help would appreciated. Growing in Irish Garden this week. This appears to be very invasive as its got out and grows along roads and into woodlands.
  14. No worries glad to be of help, many many many years ago i used to help my grandad down his allotment, real bunch of old timers they were. I ate more peas than i picked shells as well, probably the odd maggot to go with it. Ahh the innocence of youth. Andy.
  15. Have you tried the metal post bases Bryan. They drive into the ground and have a 3", 4" or 6" square socket on the top that a post bolts into. If they rot just unbolt the post and replace. Andy.
  16. The Lincolnshire Fens have loads of canals and Dykes Alan so you may yet get a chance. Andy
  17. Well its not exactly Wilderbeest thundering across the plains, but i like baby cows and how often do you see a blue cow with a brown calf.πŸ™‚
  18. First this month Editorial etc mid $$. Very nice in this climate. I was sat on a bench, this fern was growing over my head out of an old stone wall.
  19. Thrown on the footpath in the woods where i walk, some people don't deserve the freedoms they have 😑
  20. Thanks for that Betty, i think the Jury is out at the minute if they are going to be a problem invasive species.
  21. There are also large flocks of Green Parrots in London now Alan, very noisy and gregarious birds. My friends Budgies love the hose put on mist sprayed over the Aviary, they roll around on the wet leaves.
  22. With nobody to pick the flowers for the shops these fields of daffs are in full flower with no buyers.
  23. Seems a big lump to make a pencilπŸ™‚ Working in wood is very satisfying.
  24. The kits been sat on a pallet in my garden for weeks before the lock down. Polycarbonate covering instead of glass, 4hrs to put up.
  25. Big road block just North of Clon on the N71 today Andy.
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