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  1. Both very valid points, i was not for or against any particular piece of software, merely saying that some people are perfectly happy using what they have providing the desired results are achieved.
  2. I may be wrong but i think it is better to be comfortable with the software you have and know it inside out, rather than get software because its what everybody else uses and cannot use its full potential. Unless it has obvious shortcomings.
  3. That's the annoying thing, i always shoot RAW normally and can't recall the reason for shooting otherwise, unless i was fiddling with settings and didn't double check. All wise men in hind site, etc etc.
  4. I can understand that, unfortunately the original was shot in JPEGL and just checked if i crop it to much only gives me 4.5M - 5M which i assume QC will reject on size. It was a day out in the park and the crowds were kept well back and i only had an 18-55 kit lense on. Andy
  5. Thanks for that advise i will give it a go, its all a learning curve and what is so pleasant on here is people are very free with good advice and help. Andy
  6. Thanks a bunch Malcom i wanted to get the information exactly right, you have been a great help. Andy
  7. The lettering on the saddle roll is X11LD i am assuming thats a division of the British Light Dragoons. Cheers Andy
  8. Thanks the uniforms are authentic they go to great trouble down to the last stitch so to speak. Usual thing only one lense with me at the time . Andy
  9. Any military buffs please, is this french or english cavalry from napoleonic times. Cheers Andy
  10. Its fine i took no offence and as always glad of any advice, i was just wondering that perhaps people get to caught up in the whole zooms/ctr thing.
  11. Thanks for that and in future i shall double check my spelling. Andy
  12. Hi all again. Do people get to concerned over ctr and zooms? The figures may actually be effected (mainly zooms) i feel due to other alamy members looking for help/inspiration from other members images. May apply to the more successfull members as they would be the ones a newby might check first for ideas. Just a thought. Andy.
  13. I agree with all of that and also one of my relatives is in the print business, and as for outside the box i'm sure he is not on the same planet. Andy
  14. Yep i can see that it would be very useful where wildlife/plants etc are involved and you can crop with that tag in mind. Andy
  15. Thanks Paulette I only asked because i have seen it on several occasions on an obviously unsuitable images, and began to wonder am i being naive or just cynical that it was being used as a hook so to speak. Andy
  16. Hi all, when would anybody use copy space as a tag. I only ask because i have seen lots of images with copy space as one of the tags and to be honest i would be hard pushed to see any room for copy. Just throwing it out as a question. Cheers to you all Andy.
  17. Hi All I have been trawling through the RF/RM debate. Thanks for the feed back, it seems that RM is the way to go for most people so i will stick with that for the time being, and Colblimp Apple Betty,s sounds fine. No issues with me time wise, perks of being retired. Andy.
  18. Hello Colblimp I was hoping you would get in touch, yes i noticed your in Ballydehob when i peeked at your stuff and very good it is to. I,m in Skibb today on domestic stuff, and was in Ballydehob 2days ago. Not many crowd scenes to shoot in castletownshend in winter. Maybe a beer sometime. Tiny world i would say, and thanks for the welcome.
  19. Thanks for the comments and yes i realise that a portfolio does not happen overnight.
  20. Hi everybody Having not long retired and always enjoyed photography i decided to dip my toe in the stock image game. I joined Alamy and another agency at exactly the same time, with exactly the same set of starting images and same tags. Within a week i had 5 sales with the other agency, all the same image unfortunately their commission is shocking so i guess i'm in it for the long haul with Alamy. Thats how your luck goes i guess. Cheers to you all Andy.
  21. Hi all Andy here, a brit in West Cork. only been on Alamy a month or so and just 1 question (so far). Which is best for generating revenue RF or RM? Cheers to you all.
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