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  1. Thanks for the advice and its on the coast of west cork about 35km from the mizen head more or less at the start of the mizen peninsular and all of the rock exposed on the coast around here have straight vertical layers, nothing even remotely horizontal for miles.
  2. Now if I could just find the other bit of the rock in the US !!!!!
  3. No worries enough said Allan the next time your in this fine part of the world mine will be a pint of Murphy's
  4. Well we are both Rugby people so during the six nations we sit at opposite ends of the bar. ( actualy I am the only one at my end during the match) Just changed my caption to a folded mudstone strata.
  5. My mistake, and I agree about very few British knowing their colonial history here, my partner (who is a staunch republican) is constantly reminding holiday makers she overhears with wrong facts in the local pub of who did what to who and when. I will be considered a blow in until I shuffle of this place, but if anybody is visiting Skibbereen The Famine Heritage Centre is well worth a visit and a sobering one.
  6. BTW we also have several famine walls in the village I live in and still standing the test of time.
  7. Thanks for that I have looked at the Irish Geological Survey for that area and looks like part of the mudstone plate which varies in thickness from 2m to over 180m. Interesting subject. Andy
  8. Very droll considering my name is any not mick but Andy and i'm English living in this fine country to boot. But nothing wrong with a bit of harmless fun.
  9. Thanks john, its the fold that attracted me in the first place, looks frozen in mid flow so to speak. Thanks a lot Mark i'll give it a look. Andy
  10. I have it as stratigraphic section, there is a large vein of quartz in the lower section, west coast of Ireland. Thanks in advance
  11. Summer Solstice sunrise over a stone circle in Ireland.
  12. My first sale with Alamy today. Oddly enough it was a live news feed that was posted yesterday and in my regional paper today, I suppose it will show up eventually.
  13. I tend to agree the boulder has far to many raised sharp edges, a glacier would have ground it flat and a lot smoother, (saw a lot of those in a past life falling out of glaciers in the Falklands.)
  14. You could try the Alpha Dot marking system. They are basically a micro dot 1mm tag that have an individual number engraved on them that can be registered. It is used in the motor cycle industry to mark parts of the motor bike so even if stolen and broken up can still be traced, available on Amazon and they don't shift once applied. Worth a try. Andy
  15. Pirate outside the Harbour Masters Office.
  16. Just an idea but it would make more sense being horizontal instead of vertical, may be a piece of old machinery that's just been up ended and buried in the ground.
  17. True I was trying to say the route to get there is well worth the drive.
  18. I agree with Andy (we are neighbours sort of) West Cork is a wonderful place, just keep the coast on your left down from Rosslare all the way to Baltimore and you can't go wrong. Fantastic scenery, great places to eat and very friendly people.
  19. 2 guys doing a spot of reproduction the old fashioned way
  20. Filezilla working fine for me right now, don't know if anybody else having the same issue.
  21. You may be using the wrong upload address ie newsupload.alamy.com will get you to the news directory, instead use upload.alamy.com will get you into the stock directory. Hope this helps. Andy.
  22. Rows of plastic sheet covering a field used for growing a maize crop.
  23. Thanks a bunch, I was getting some weird looks from the local tourists taking pictures of ducks while i'm on my knees taking pictures of a toadstool
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