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  1. 6 lemon pips sown from a supermarket lemon have all germinated. Contacting Sainsbury for a fruit supply contract. 😁
  2. Zip, diddly but in the great scheme of things these days its not that important, keep bashing away. 😕
  3. There are cruise trips down there, not in the winter though. The wind howls around the Antarctic bottom of the world with no land mass to break it up an the waves get monstrous. Some of the old whaling stations are interesting places, ghostly places with feral cats left over from the whalers, they survive the winters by keeping inside the ruins. I have loads of 35mm transparencies which I keep meaning to get uploaded. Andy
  4. I will not reach the $50+ this month and still have uncleared payments, I fully understand that allot of Alamy clients (large companies, newspapers etc) expect several months credit. Allot of companies require at least 90 days credit as part of their T&C to do business with. PU's how ever should be treated differently, they at least should be payment on download. Andy.
  5. Spent several winters down the South Atlantic, Falklands, South Georgia, Bird Island. Still air temperatures down to -40 add 100mph winds on top its downright dangerous, leave a glove of and skins sticks to metal, the water in your eyes freezes without goggles. The penguins love it, gets up to -20 and the locals are in T shirt and flip flops. 🙂 Andy.
  6. Had an invoice from back in early December clear today and that's my last old uncleared invoice. , I did send a hurry up to Alamy last month which may have helped. Andy
  7. On my local bank door one morning. Regular seller in yachting UK magazines Dangerous Being a waiter!!
  8. I'm using the traditional spring loaded bar trap, cost about 2 euro over here. I did modify them slightly because that rat could reach the bait without standing on the trigger, just shortened the trigger by about 15mm not the 2 side legs though. Makes them reach in further under the bar, works a treat.
  9. I agree with you about the poison Bryan, it kills the rat but also kills anything that comes across the poisoned animal (cat, dog, owl etc) Warfarin travels!
  10. I have a pair of Buzzards nesting not far away that are benefiting Betty. I chuck the rats over onto a stream bank at the end of my garden, I think they keep a beady eye on my garden because it only takes a few minutes and one swoops down. Andy
  11. Found a use for a couple of my old plastic tool boxes. Took out the trays cut a 3" hole in the end near the bottom, perfect for holding 1 rat trap, nothing can get in apart from Rats and mice. lift the top lid to see results. Bait with a peanut. So far 6 rats caught near my compost heap. Andy.
  12. These are the eggs that I was waiting to hatch when that Duckling turned up in my last image posted. PS That duckling has re joined his mum and sticks very close!
  13. I'm afraid me and horses don't get on. Never forgave the entire species since one took a chunk out of my fishing umbrella. Andy
  14. Tough love works sometimes. I used to fish at a local lake for several years, every year a pair of ducks had 9-13 ducklings and by the end of summer they were always down to 1 or 2. The mortality of a ducklings is huge. Andy
  15. They do have an instant cuteness effect. Unfortunately for him if he carries on behaving like that he will be lunch for every passing fox, rat, owl, hawk, weasel, stoat or pike unless his mum gives him a good speaking to.🤕 Andy
  16. I had been watching a Swans nest on a local pond waiting for the eggs to hatch(they still haven't) when this little chap came swimming by. Miles away from the female who was looking for him, obviously an independent streak.🙂
  17. Parrots tend to be more attached to the Female in a house and can get very possessive i've been told.
  18. I love Parrots very intelligent and inquisitive birds. When i lived in Malaya (now Malaysia) my neighbour had a Macaw that used to sit in his shoulder and inspect his ears. I am always wary about putting my finger near a beak that can crush a Brazil nut!. Andy
  19. Bad year for Cucumbers and Courgettes this year for me, all the young plants have Mosaic Leaf Virus. Not sure where its come from, all grown from seed and its a brand new greenhouse this year. Parsnips all good though, grow them the same way as my carrots in 10" pots on 2" centres nice and neat (must be the ex military in me).🙂
  20. Highest months for zooms so may be a bit to come later, 4 for $77 with 2 being tiddlers thankfully no PU.
  21. I was told by a zoo guy that birds are unable to feel the effects of capsaicin, that's the chemical in chilli that burns to us. If you think about it makes sense, in the wild Chilli plants and Peppers rely on birds to spread their seeds in droppings. Andy
  22. I used to get Grey Squirrels ruining my bird feeders when i lived in England, then discovered chilli powder, the birds can't taste it (or they love it) but the Squirrels wouldn't touch anything that was dusted with it.
  23. The simple act of gardening for kitchen produce seems a constant war of attrition with nature. 🙂
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