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  1. Interesting, I wonder how much of it is accurate in UK law though? Is this subject the same where ever you sell the photo from or to?
  2. It would be nice if alamy at least insisted on a voucher copy, so you got a free magazine out of it too...
  3. I guess whats more confusing, is that there is a market for that stuff..
  4. I have only photographed a few events, but never been asked for a press card yet. People just seem to assume I am with the press (when Im not), police allow me out of police kettles etc without issue. Even had one guy stop to ask me what newspaper I was from when I was doing street photography. I think just the fact I have a dslr and a biggish lens makes people make assumptions. If they didn't cost money (as I have not made a penny from photography yet) then I would be interested in a press card, just for peace of mind In case I ever do get asked.
  5. Bet he didnt get paid a penny for having that video stuck on youtube.
  6. looks like seller is only liable for damage caused wilfully of gross negligently?
  7. Not a lawyer, but would your back not be covered by this clause As their contract limits the buyers use of the photo to editorial use, would the original photographer not be covered? also
  8. Well said as usual, David. And what a novel suggestion to issue shares to the contributors...is Alamy listening? Dave There is a new stock agency that started recently that does just that if I recall, had a few beers, so cant recall exact details but you can see more here http://www.stocksy.com/service/about Not tried it, so dont know if any good.
  9. I wish alamy had a offline keywording app (if I had my old pre-depression head back I would write one myself) so I could keyword etc images offline, then just bulk upload them for QC. The current system I find really bad, having to upload, then wait ages, then use that awful manage images flash thing, with tiny thumbnails etc. Much better to have it on your own pc, so you can build up a data base of keywords etc, and do them as you process each image, rather than in steps. Plus, if alamy ever goes under, I would hate to lose all the work done on keywording etc...
  10. You'll also find here on Alamy images with hundreds of people, performers and audience, at large outdoor events, with YES for model releases. Could be a genuine error, but when it happens several times ... Could that not be events that have clauses in the ticket that state you may be photographed etc, and full terms and conditions that basically include the release of images to the promoter/event organiser? That way, everyone present has agreed to photograhpy, and the release of images etc?
  11. Still waiting to sell one, come to think of it still waiting for my first zoom lol.
  12. The site caches the thumbnails, which is why the results are virtually instant. Site loaded very slowly for me, also does not appear to cache the thumbnails at symbiostock - take a look at the source for the html of a search, you can clearly see it is getting each thumbnail from each individual contributors site. A recipe destined to cause problems.
  13. Just too a look at symbiostock, it seems *very* slow, and the design seems destined to fail badly - as it appears from quick look that the site you linked to pulls in the actual image thumbnails from the *actual* other third party sites. This slows the page loading down dramatically, and leaves it open to dying dramatically when peoples sites go down...
  14. Many of my pics were shot with my second camera, a canon 10d, 6mp so had to be resized upwards to meet the 24mb file limit. I dont resize using any expensive software, no photoshop or anything, just use irfanview, which is free and resize it upwards by 20percent, making sure sharpening is not enabled. Not had any problems at all, only had one fail, on first upload, and that was a SoLD image that was taken at high iso at night. Only submitted one cropped and straightened image, from my canon 40d, did not worry about the pixel sizes at all, it was still over the 24mb limit so upload
  15. I was thinking the same thing last night Jeff, what happens if I get run over by a bus? There would be nothing in place to sort out what happens to any images (or other things I have onlne).
  16. If he owns about half, and has made 1 billion, that means the other half is worth about 1 billion also. So a total of around 2 billion. That fact, when read with this saddens me The contributors are not getting anywhere near a fair share in my opinion, one of the reasons I dont contribute to sites like that.
  17. to early for me to say, just starting out. I hope at the least though to earn enough to cover bus fares, and some new equipment eventually..
  18. Sad that she lost all her work due to lack of money for storage. Would say its sad it never got published in her lifetime, but we have no idea if she even wanted it published.
  19. Hi, Im new to the world of stock, so still finding my feet so to speak. I dont tend (read never so far) to get model releases or property releases so my pics have to be rights managed in the main, for editorial use. When I list them, I note you can add restrictions, and it lists what you need to do restriction wise for editorial use - however, looking around alamy it seems MANY people who odnt have releases do not add restrictions? Am I wasting my time adding restrictions? Should I bother? Will it get me into trouble if I dont? I fear that adding the restrictions is going to pu
  20. Can you explain then how and who will be settin the fee? As a fee IS going to be collected and stored in case the original owner of the work claims said work. Therefore it is clear to me, some fee must be set by someone - and as the original owner at this point is unknown, its clear that the fee must be set by someone other than the owner of the work. If as you are claiming, no one would be setting a rate for fees, then that would mean the worst case scenario - fees are made up on the spot, surely thats even more open to abuse. But they already have. The act itself takes away
  21. I take it the licence fee that is paid, will be set by government, and will probably in no way reflect the actual cost a photographer would have charged for the licence? Why the mad rush to get this act through parliament, nothing to do with the EU trying to protect photographers from exploitation is it? src Its all well the government saying stripping metadata is unlawful or illegal, but when they seem to then be saying no one would bother prosecuting if it happens, whats the point of it being unlawful, especially when you consider that many of the major sites out in the real world
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