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  1. Forgive me, I'm sure that you have a lot of experience, have made a lot of sales and may well be able to pass all this on to others to improve upon their careers/sales etc. I wish you all the best with it. But doesn't this conflict somewhat with Alamy's own guidelines on the use of this forum? A rhetorical question and only one which Alamy themselves will be able to answer. It was alamy themselves that started the thread..
  2. I had one QC fail, my first submission, it was a late evening shot, fairly dark, with a high ish iso (cant recall exact ISO). Much, much less noise than that shot and it failed for soft or lacking definition. Was that uploaded as part of a batch? Might not have been seen by QC?
  3. I didnt even realise you could sell photo's on flickr, I thought anything commercial on flickr was strictly off limits and against it terms?
  4. Not sure if you can increase the number of pics shown per page on the my alamy homepage link, but could you not try sending the link that is shown on the forum, where it shows images and the number of images you have?T That gives you a similar page of all the portfolio for the user, and can be changed to 120 images, you could even set it to 120 then grab the url that resulted and send that.
  5. Got my first 2 zooms in the last couple of days too, fingers crossed.
  6. My take on it, is dont worry too much, if adobe are happy your licenced and everything works.
  7. A related question, lets say you did snap some bank robbers fleeing the scene - whats the legal situation with giving them to a photo agency rather than straight to the police? Is there an issue or am I just over worrying?
  8. If you have failed quality control, then you should have been given a reason for the failure, what did the reason say?
  9. QC does not check every photo, only certain percentage of them. This would mean, unless the glamour shot is one of the ones checked, it will get through QC without any problems as it was not even seen at all by the qc team. At least, thats how I understand things.
  10. Wikipedia content is designed to be re-distributed and freely re-used as much as possible, hence why it is covered by creative commons licences etc. Simply check the licence for whatever you want to use.
  11. Can you stick an api on it, or publish an api, so people can write their own manage images solution, using an alami api?
  12. Why not just alter the code so it keeps a copy of the number of images in the forum database, and each time new images go live, the code updates the forum copy of the image count also. That way, its only altered when the number of images alters, there is no counting of images when people log on etc, and it should always be up to date. Seems an odd way to do things, the current way.
  13. Best way to get rich with stock photography would be to own a successful stock photography agency, or many of them.. Or sell the equipment / software used by photographers.
  14. my stalled batch cleared, with 2 processing errors, then later, those cleared up and all is well now.
  15. Never heard of them, IMO though the website looks horrific and very amateurish. Not what I would expect from a 'marketing' company. Personally would not touch them with a barge pole, and that's just going by the quality of the websites.
  16. I would hazard a guess its much more likely that the *vast* majority of images on alamy are not getting sales, or will rarely sell again, and the small percentage that does sell is what gives them the turnover. It would be interesting to know what percentages of images are selling
  17. When they clear processing then pass QC, will the pics then no longer show up in the 'new' search? As new goes by date of upload, and by the time this is fixed, then they get QC'd then keywording starts, they will have been uploaded a long time ago.
  18. Not sure, but I do seem to remember a while ago google was giving away stock images to its google drive users for free - via some deal with a stock agency (getty I think). There was a big uproar at the time, not sure what happened in the long run. Its either that, or worse case scenario, someone actually believes that any picture found on google is free for the taking. If its the first stock image scenario then Im a bit confused, as I seem to recall those images were only for use in google created documents/slides etc, surely huff post does not create its content online in google?
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