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  1. thanks all, i will try to look further , I suspect the photo may be on a drive i have yet to find..  I know i have lost a few thousand images somewhere, but I really only care about one mainly

    really cant see why alamy does not allow people to download though, no one is going to use this on purpose as a storage site considering the hoops you have to jump through to get photos accepted.

    As for space cadet, grow up.


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  2. thought it was never going to happen, had pretty much forgotten about alamy until I logged on today and noticed a sale!


    Only just under 7 dollars but its better than nothing. It was one of an ambulance outside the Winter Gardens in Sunderland.U


    Used by the daily mail (thanks washington imageing for spotting it and posting it in the photos used thread) in a sad story about some one who died waiting to long for an ambulance...



  3. Here's my thoughts, based on what I believe is American law. Hotels are privately owned but some spaces are public. In fact hotels are going out of their way to make these spaces more attractive for public use, such as adding wifi access and advertising their lobbies as a place for business meetings. So as a public place it is safe to assume that you have been granted implicit permission to photograph unless or until it has been explicitly forbidden. Anyone in that public space has no reasonable expectation of privacy either. If a hotel were to tell you that all their space was private then merely point to their video surveillance cameras and inform them they are violating your privacy rights; they can hardly argue privacy for me, but not for thee. Of course without releases, these photos would be for editorial use.


    CCTV images,in the UK at least, if taken on a businesses property are subject to the Data protection act, which ensures the images stay private - they could not be used even editorially without your permission.

  4. I would have thought uprezzed would have shown more pixilation rather than out of focus.


    They do look better on the official website though.


    I would have thought uprezzed would have shown more pixilation rather than out of focus.


    They do look better on the official website though.



    I supsect that the ones that  look better on the official website are actually down sized versions of the fuzzy out of focus originals.

    Take any high res slightly out of focus image, down size it enough and it will start to look *much* better.

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  5. It possible the standards of journalism and photography might improve if the public write for them. I am frequently appalled at how terrible the quality of both are in my local paper - produced by JP.

    Perhaps they are going under, slowly - like a dinosaur becoming extinct.

    This is could be a last ditch attempt to try to modernise, but sadly one which I fear will fail, if they apply the same standards of management that JP usually applies.

  6. tend to just use a rocket blower for dust, and if its a stubborn stain or something I just dab on a bit iso alchohol and polish it off gently after a wipe.

    the sensor itself is protected by a robust enough filter, so not that scared of cleaning it.

    Only thing I am wary of is accidently knocking or damaging any moving parts/the mirror etc.

  7. So, as I understand it, Alamy is not charging anything, its a paypal fee, and for some a bank fee? (or a skrill or whatever it is charge under some circumstances).

    It will be free fo uk customers who do bank transfers, and now we have the option of the money going straight into paypal? I buy a lot on paypal anyway so welcome a paypal option, not that I have had any sales yet lol.

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  8. The contract I signed didnt have that on it.

    Alamy is a UK company and much of its business is in the US so why should it bear the cost of paying into euro accounts?

    Another thing, it's rather bad form to run down your agent on a public forum. Alamy is not our employer and we don't have to use it. If we do, we abide by the contract.


    At a guess though, previous alamy contracts will have had a part in saying they can amend the terms of the contract with X days notice?

  9. I love it when a website hotlinks any of my images direct from my server, well I hate them doing it, but love the fact I can do something about it.


    I check who is requesting the image, and if its a site I know is stealing then I serve up a nice picture of dog dirt or similar instead of the real pic.


    Works a treat usually, as soon as the website realises their webpage is full of the wrong images, they sharp wise up.

  10. Before starting with stock, I used to still take photos but just for my own pleasure.

    I was taking photo's in a shopping center in the north east, I was stopped by a security gaurd and told photography was prohibited, I might be a terrorist you see.


    I went on my way, and when I got home, I sent an email to the owners of the centre, blasting them for their stupidity pointing out


    a) there were no signs prohibiting photography.

    B) there were no visible signs I could see relating ot their own cctv (which there should have been)

    c) if I was a terrorist I would not be walking around with a obvious camera taking photo's

    d) if I was a terrorist, I could use a covert camera

    e) If I was a terrorist, I could just get photos of the place from their OWN website

    f) if I was a terrorist I could go and get building plans anyway.


    They replied, apologised and told me I could take photo's any time I wanted, just mention the managers name if stopped by security.

    Shame its under new management now as far as I know.


    Was once stopped by a member of the public in the street when doing street photography, he seemed paranoid that I was taking pictures of him (with his child) and convinced I worked for the daily mail or similar. Relaxed instantly and spent ages chatting with me once he realised I was not gutter press following him around.


    The other day, I was out doing night shots (for my own use/flickr) late at night, with my dogs.

    The police pulled me over as I lett the beach area,I thought they were going to want to question what I was up to, but they saw the camera, and the backpack with tripod sticking out of it

    and said, you obviously have a camera bag, have you seen anyone shooting at us? Wanted to know if I had seen any laser lights, or heard any gun shots as someone was taking pot shots at them.


    Normally I am fairly shy, depression means I often feel uncomfortable in crowded places, talking to people, or even going out, but I get days where I can literally walk into a supermarket with my dslr and just not care, taking as many photos as I feel like.

  11. My work have asked how much I want for each use. Had a quiet word with the accountant about the issue and we're coming to an arrangement where if my photos are needed, in future, I'll be paid for them. Now I need to work out how much I want for them. I was going to use the Alamy calculator. 


    Thanks for the help guys. I'll let you know of the outcome. Wasn't expecting this outcome but I'm feeling better about it all now. 




    Actually hard to calculate this. 4300 copies of the 28 page magazine was printed. It's a half page pic, inside, and it's hard to distinguish it's use. It's almost like an advertisement  but its used to tell former pupils about things that go on currently, so it can be deemed a newsletter too. 


    Hmmm the plot thickens. 


    Does *anyone* actually pay the alamy calculator price? Not had any sales, but it seems everyone has been discussing how prices are always well below the calculator prices.

  12. I have read the T's n c's very well for alamy. Is there some sort of childish mentality here whereby if you don't pass OQ, instead of just telling you that you haven't, they make you wait weeks? This is the first 3 images I have uploaded and technically-wise they are very good at 100% - no flaie, CA, noise, exposure etc so I would be surprized if they fail, but this so called 24 hour average to check images is a joke as in total it is 4 days. If so, I'll take my images to another stock site. Already on Getty and several others so I am not bothered either way...I just don't appreciate the messing about. I have heard alamy is extremely concerned with IQ to the point they will accept a really technically good file that at the end of the day is a bad photograph? Just sayin' what the internet tells me!


    If your not bothered why come on here to complain?I

    If you have read the terms very well, why submit three images instead of the four required as a minimum?

    If you agreed to the terms that you read very well, why complain about what you agreed to when you signed up?

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