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  1. On 03/07/2019 at 22:59, Johnnie5 said:

    I think you might find the 5D MK IV to be a large improvement over the Mark II and more suitable for stock photography.  The file size of the Mark IV are of a more reasonable size. It has great auto focus and high ISO performance and is a better all round camera.  I regularly submit images shot at ISO 12,800 with no problem.  From what I understand from the reviews the 6D MK II is a step backward in dynamic range.  The one thing it has going for it is that it is cheap. 

    Thanks Jonnie; funnily enough it is now the Mk4 that I am seriously leaning towards having played with the 5Ds and also a 6D mk2 in the last week.

  2. I currently shoot with a trusty old 5D Mk2 and its fine but I was wondering about my next purchase and I am comfortable with Canon menus and I have the canon flash system and lenses that I am loathe to change. I was considering the 6D Mk2 (nice and light) but also considering if there was any real value to having the extra pixel count of the 5DSr. My main thing is travel, landscapes and city images.

  3. Is it the novel use bit that is causing these low value sales - I am getting quite a few of these and frankly I am not keen on the whole microstock thing. Is this the part that I should opt out of to get rid of these $5 sales?

  4. On 23/01/2019 at 07:03, Rainer Krack said:

    I also joined Alamy quite recently, though I've done other agency work for years. I also seem to remember that when I tried to upload photos from my X100F for the first 3 QC test pics, they were automatically rejected as well.


    Oddly, since being accepted by Alamy, I have uploaded photos from the X100F without a problem; not only that, even photos from the initial X100, from X100S and X100T, all passed muster. Not to speak of the X-T1, X-T2 and X-T3.


    I would suggest you use a different camera for your first 3 test shots (maybe you can borrow or rent one?), and after you get accepted the X100F should be all right. I must have 50 or so shots from the X100F in my portfolio.  



    I hope that this is the case going forward as this is exactly the camera that I want to purchase as a walk around one and for street images - I would have to do a complete re-think if the images will not be accepted.

  5. I photographed a wedding for a friend one time and although they were happy enough with the images (there were some nice ones) I have to say that if they were of my own wedding I would not have been that impressed. There is certainly an art to it and you can see why people specialise.

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  6. So, I have been experimenting with image stacking in photoshop and it has been a tad hit-and-miss. I know that this is used to great effect by macro photographers and I did have a bit of success with this but I hoped to use it more for landscapes and my theory was that it might help get some really sharp details in the foreground in particular. It seems however to be a difficult one to master - the slightest change in sun or shadow and the whole thing gets a bit rubbish. I did find that results imroved by keeping down the number of images to about 3-5 (I started with about 15 per shot and it got really poor).


    Any top tips for using this technique for lanscapes or is it just not meant for that?




  7. So I have been a contributor for a while now although not in a big way. I subscribe to the view that I probably need to get a few thousand images on the site before getting any 'real' results. Nevertheless, I have had three sales and very grateful for them.


    I have been doing a few courses and reading some books and articles and I have come to the conclusion that my images are perhaps a bit too 'busy'. The problem is that I have been staring at them so long that it is a struggle to remain objective.


    I would appreciate some input if you could spare a few minutes.


    very best




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