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  1. I thank everyone for your prompt responses. To clarify, my issue is not so much with the rejections. Each company has its own standards and rejections are part of the process, it is being frozen that I argue with. Nevertheless, I'll just submit to my other sources until I am defrosted😀
  2. Although I have been involved in stock photography for many years, I am new to Alamy. I have had my account frozen a couple times due to the rejection of some photos. I just had another image rejected and have been frozen again for 10 days. None of my other stock companies have this and I am wondering why Alamy imposes this restriction (punishment.) All it really does is give me more time to accumulate images to submit when unfrozen but it does just feel unfair especially when rejected images have been accepted at my other companies. Thanking you in advance for your replies.
  3. Due to some computer gliches, my recent photos were uploaded in triplicate and I would like to delete them and can't figure out how. Any help would be appreciated. Chuck.
  4. I have searched the site as thoroughly as I could but can't seem to locate just how to upload my model releases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chuck
  5. I want to thank everyone for your input. I am making progress and as long as I have a decent acceptance rate I plan to stick to it. Although learning the workflow was unique to this site, I am getting the hang of it and moving along. I must say, I am impressed with the number of images some of you have in your inventory. Cheers to all, Charles
  6. NYCat. thanks for the input. I am glad I am not the only one "challenged." I think the manual will help. If the process is not intuitive and is too cumbersome I will just stick with my other sites. Charles
  7. I am staying on the Alamy site but am still having difficulties. I guess I am not used to the submitting process here. I am working on photos that have passed but say "not for sale." After I fill in all the info the "save" button is not available. I've submitting to other agencies for years but this one makes me feel like an idiot! Can't seem to figure out the process.
  8. I was just accepted into the Alamy family by having three of my photos approved. I selected one of those, added keywords and submitted it for sale. It was reviewed by the QC team and was rejected with the reason of it lacking sharpness. Before submitting the photo for acceptance into Alamy, I viewed it at 100% and found it sharp. I don't understand where it was good enough quality to be accepted yet it was turned down for selling. I belong to 3 other sites and question if procedures are going to this inconsistent, is it going to be a futile effort submitting many photos which have been ac
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