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  1. So I'm not sure if I should bother trying to sell my photos online anymore. No sales or even zooms here yet.  I love photography, but am starting to  think the stock photo market is so saturated that my efforts in uploading, tagging etc are looking to be a potential giant waste of time. I understand there is someone mere with 27,000 images bye still not selling enough for the $50 threshold. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Everyone :) 

    Holly from Canada here. I am just getting used to my new DSLR and committed to shooting RAW as much as possible from here on in.


    Getting fed up with a certain other site (don't say it if you guess) and found Alamy in a search for the real deal. Hope I've found it. I like how this site is not focused on all of us joining groups and making contests and endless commenting and replying. Honestly, this isn't me since I am not attached to my phone, texting everything about my day. I am looking for a legit quality market for my images.


    Sorry if I sound like a social media luddite, but I'm old and remember when TV was black and white. I am actually very computer literate and jumped on board when it was just green lettering on a tiny curved screen. I see it as a tool, rather than a life style. In fact I just re-discovered the pics my dad took off the TV screen of the moon landing. 

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