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  1. Don't have LR/Photoshop, i'm using the SILKYPIX editor mostly. But will keep it in mind for the future.
  2. Want to have a bit more uploaded and then spent a day tagging in one go.
  3. Hi John, gvallee is right and i did not tag the initial passed images yet, they are also not on sale. So to answer you're question passing you're initial QC does not relate to the total images under profile.
  4. Yeah will keep uploading 'properly exposed, naturally sharp pictures' and limit the ones i'm not 100% sure about. thanks
  5. Hi MDM, i already passed qc. Just want to get a better feeling about what will pass, fail and why so i can learn what to post with less fails in the future.
  6. Yes it is indeed extremely flat
  7. Hi allan, there is no white in the image so far i know. The image is total is as the right half, the other half is the range selection from the thresshold.
  8. Hi, i'm trying to understand in the picture below that failed the process because of poor-exposure. Is the threshold graph from gimp a good indicator of exposure? Is the total exposure range to low because the it does not go near white 255 and falls of around 170 or is it that selection blue should fall under 5% black?
  9. Thanks for all the answers. The last question was more about the additional revenue Image Option where you can opt in. I was wondering if it is already in use and of manual version of that would make sense. From the documentation
  10. Hi, Have some questions mostly about 'QC' (failed the first QC due to Excessive similars, "Series of similar images with almost identical compositions or only slight differences"). I expect /hope that most of it is a automated checking process? Just curious as a developer If you failed on an image, does that mean that the images before that image passed all 'alamy-qc-failure-reasons.pdf'? Nice to know, and will re-read again the qc pdf if it is not true. Before i try to upload the second time. Is 'Excessive similars' for only the submission in one batch, of for every photo you upload (you're gallery)? Red a post while searching for 'Excessive Similars' about it to save it for future submissions. 'Image Option' Opt in, is that in already in use? I think what would be great is to have manual image options, that allows identical compositions, with differences e.g. mono, color, etc. And when some one searches for bird mono or bird blueish, it could show the most relevant image option. Kind regards