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  1. On 14/03/2019 at 22:26, Sheila Child said:

    Is it possible to set the order in which Galleries appear on your Portfolio Home Page?

    Here is mine:  https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/sheilachild

    The first gallery is owls, then sugar gliders, then raptors, then frogs etc.  I would like to be able to change this order.  If I can, can somebody please tell me how to do it.  If I can't then can Alamy please think about finding a way that I can?




    Hello Sheila

    I would like to have this option as well but at this stage i dont think its possible. Hopefully Alamy will come back with an answer or an updated release




  2. 1 hour ago, Matt Ashmore said:


    Do you actually find the profiles and categories that they added recently useful? 

    Hi Matt

    I dont know yet and unless Alamy provide us with some tracking I'm not going to know. I don't have my own web site (probably should) so this is my default place to show off more of my work. I think it will also be handy to share work with clients. In terms of categories I have selected simple ones that fit my photos so lets see how things go. BTW the Bus Stops category i put up is really just for fun. I doubt there is a huge global market for images of lonely Australian bus stops!

  3. 8 hours ago, pierre rochon said:

    Thank you Stephen,


    I hadn't thought of adding categories to my portfolio, I'm still not very familiar with all its possibilities. But if I create categories or change the order of my images in the portfolio, how will this impact the results of a search made by a potential customer?

    Hi Pierre

    The short answer is no. Have a read of the Alamy post in this forum and it will help you "Modifying the image order within your Portfolio page will not influence where your images are placed within customer searches"

    There is other useful info there as well on setting up your portfolio.





  4. 11 hours ago, hsessions said:


    Stephen, what I meant about very long wordy captions was that they might not translate well to another language, something might get lost in the translation.  When I search Google and find my images with Italian, Spanish, Japanese  descriptions (distributor Sites) I think, I sometimes wonder how accurate ithey are, I have also found that some words were not translated from English at all,  so the translating tool could not find an equivalent.  Well, don't mind me,  I may have just been thinking out loud when I made that suggestion, but I will be reviewing my captions anyway.  I do have quite a bit licensed through distributors and the older images seem to be doing quite well.  Shorter captions could be the reason, and they aren't 'optimised' and most have poor discoverability.   Could be that a good per image CTR has something to do with it though; still will test the captions thing. And see how that goes.


    Hello Helen

    Thank you, this is all helpful information that I'm learning along the way. I am "wordy" by nature so it will be hard for me to cut down but i will go back and try to de-Australianise my captions so that translations are easier.

  5. Hello Alamy

    Is there any intention to track and report on views and/or interactions with our portfolios? Im sure that for those of us who have put time and effort into setting them up it would be valuable to know if we are getting hits or not. I personally dont see the portfolio as a set and forget item. I have already put mine up on Linkedin and would love to see how many click throughs I might get.





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  6. 14 hours ago, hsessions said:

    Hello Stephen,

    I like how you compose your shots.  Looking at your port each shot I see I think, this is exactly how I would have shot or composed it.  Makes your subject/s stand out.  Can't even think how you could improve on the images, only thing which if I may suggest is to review the captions.  Don't know if you are in the distributor scheme, but simplifying or shortening the captions so they are easier to translate to different languages might help (not referring to News images), although I am guilty of having longish wordy captions myself which does not help with sale-ability. I shall be reviewing and fixing soon so that instead of an entire sentence there are just basic descriptive words.


    Very good composition and variety, is my opinion as a 'non-pro' FWIW; you did say all criticism was welcome.


    Hello Helen

    Thank you for your comments, I am in the distribution scheme. I'm particularly interested in your point about captions because i have seen conflicting advice on them. I thought Alamy recommended we write sentences? They also state that only 15% of their revenue comes from Distributors so Im not sure which way to go here. 

    Do you sell more through distribution?

  7. Hello Pierre

    You have an excellent collection of images that I'm sure will sell well. A couple of thoughts though:

    • with nearly 4000 images you should be able to add some additional tabs or categories like say by Country or buildings, or people? you can then send links for these individual pages or tabs to key users
    • within the tabs and even in your All Images tab you want to put your best foot forward so think about pushing your best work to the top of each page or tab. This also helps to show diversity in your portfolio

    These portfolios are a WIP for all of us so no one has all of the answers on this topic but hopefully you will find the above helpful.


  8. 18 hours ago, gvallee said:

    My opinion: strong editorial portfolio, pretty representative of Oz (sorry I didn't look at anything else, I wonder why...). Ha those Sydney commuting days...


    Just a typo in your profile description "I'm and Australian"


    I like your work, you should do well.


    Thanks Gen, good pick up on the spelling. 

  9. Hi All

    Just a general update on this one, David, Ilya and myself all found each other among the crowds on the day and spent a couple of very pleasant hours sharing stories and Alamy experiences. We even managed a quick model released shoot of some locals!

    The plan is to do it again at a TBA agreed location in a few months so please if you want to join us we will announce it here or you can find me on Whatsapp and i will add you to the group.


  10. I think the thing that we all come to terms with as contributors is that we cant second guess the market. Sometimes yes you can shoot a subject because you are confident it will sell and yes we can follow the requests from Alamy but the more I shoot, the less I am surprised by what people want images of (e.g. storm water drain). So, my view is keep the boat in the image and shoot another one without and upload both.

  11. I think its pretty legit, he would be the first to dodgy up an image to gain notoriety but he's risking his career if he's caught and these days it doesnt take long to be found out. Googled both he and the scientist and there's plenty of evidence of their credentials. 

  12. On 2/10/2019 at 19:54, vpics said:

    I used to go to copy the link address and then paste it into the post via Insert images from URL. Don't find this is working anymore. How do you get to post your pictures? I'm on Google Chrome, also tried Firefox. Nada.

    I have been having this trouble for some time and have been in touch with CS about it. They tell me its a bug and they have referred it but still no answer I'm afraid.

  13. Hi Kumar and team

    Many thanks for this excellent update and thanks to James for making the effort. This forum has been a game changer for me and provides me with a genuine feeling of community despite the distance between us all. I spent over an hour adding the word People and Person into my key words last night. Every little bit helps to increase chances of a sale and the generosity of knowledge shared here is remarkable.


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