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  1. I'm still at six, which is what I had last time we chatted, I think. Though I've sold two cell photos since then. I have an uptick in zooms since May but they don't translate into sales. Maybe I will get out and take some photos this weekend now that the air has cleared. Also: your Neowise comet photos over the vineyard are stunning.
  2. Congratulations! Great image. It looks like the sun in smoldering. I took a few orange sky photos last week too, but no sales. I have been sheltering in place so long, I haven't been uploading many photos. Didn't you and I have the same number in our portfolios at some point? I need to catch up!
  3. Broken climate. A day without sun due to wildfire smoke which made the sky a sickly orange. San Francisco Bay Bridge and tollbooth. Broken system. Breonna Taylor was shot with eight bullets by the police and killed, while sleeping in her bed. Broken net.
  4. Three star rank. Been uploading one year and a half. 118 submissions which equals one submission every 4-5 days. Three fails. Six sales. 27 zooms. Now you know everything and I feel naked.
  5. Here's mine! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/kristincato
  6. Thank you. It has been immensely oppressive and yes, we are now wearing two masks layered on top of each other. The poisoned air persists. I look forward to a time when we are not afraid of breathing and can go outside and enjoy direct sunlight. Be grateful for what you have.
  7. Taken from the roof of my building on the day the sun did not rise in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was hard to capture the color of the sky, but I think this is pretty accurate because the camera was color balanced for the white light. Ash fallen on the rooftop furniture from multiple forest fires in Oregon and California.
  8. Aha, fantastic. Thank you. I hadn't gotten to that post yet. This thread is taking me eons to sort through all the comments and digest them. 🙂 Those little zing pouches look great.
  9. Someone else mentioned a jacket with big pockets and that really rang a bell with me! As to your other pointers, I'm not sure I'm that hardcore. I have deliberately avoided high conflict situations though I have had opportunity several times. I'm not sure risking my body or head for a shot is really where I'm going, but I do admire those that do that kind of work.
  10. OK, I *think* I am picturing the double shoulder straps. Do both straps fall across your torso diagonally and the bag rests on your right hip or in front of you? That's a really clever way to balance the weight AND make it more secure!! How does it attach to the hip belt? Still not visualizing that part. 🙂
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