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  1. Many thanks for all your help - have to admit I have never heard of it, but it certainly was an interesting read. Robbie Shaw
  2. Many thanks for all your help, lots to think about. Robbie Shaw
  3. Appreciate all your help. A couple of routes I am looking at going down now. Many thanks. Robbie Shaw
  4. Alamy are saying 'noise', but I suppose it could be grain. Though shots were taken on K64 which was good for lack of grain. Robbie Shaw
  5. Great suggestion, think that is the way to go. Appreciate your help. Robbie Shaw
  6. Looked at the site and tried to load a shot. I no longer have a website so it seems you cannot load an individual shot as it asked for website address. Robbie
  7. Certainly I have found that in Photoshop reducing noise does seem tom soften the sharpness. Thanks Robbie Shaw
  8. Cannot remember what Coolscan it was - two friends had the same machine and we all ditched it. Yes as you say the Kodachrome is very difficult to scan, amazing how much dust gets on slides ! Thanks, Robbie Shaw
  9. Thanks Bryan. I assume there is a link to submitting on Archival route. Lots of air-air shots I could put on. Many thanks, Robbie Shaw
  10. Thanks for the info. Is there a link to sending material on Archive route ? Many air-air slides I could put on, most of which as you say no longer current. Thanks, Robbie Shaw
  11. Hi thanks for info. I am using an Epson V500 flatbed which excellent. I used to have a Nikon Coolscan which was absolute rubbish. Will have a try with DSLR Macro. Thanks, Robbie Shaw
  12. Hi, I have thousands upon thousands of high quality 35mm colour slides. Many of these of jet aircraft taken from the cockpit of fighter aircraft in the air. For the first time I sent a scan of a 35mm slide to QC, and it failed because of noise. This is despite the fact I used the 'reduce noise' function in Photoshop. How can I get rid of this noise please. Thanks, Robbie
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