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  1. Are reviews inconsistant?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.... Makes me crazy.
  2. I upload either 20 or 25 each time. Lately, it's been about 3 times a week. I did get a rejection last week which made me consider uploading fewer, but I'm just being careful about what I'm uploading.
  3. 10 day account freeze

    I am 3 star, which I'm happy about since I had a rejection last week, but what is the actual difference between the stars? Is it a faster approval time, higher search results or ? Sorry if this has been asked a lot - couldn't find the answer in a forum search.
  4. CTR clarification question

    I did research this a bit but didn't see a clear answer (or at least one that I understood), so hope you don't mind if I ask here. On the main dashboard page under "Alamy Measures", there is a total CTR and average CTR and I believe I understand the difference between those two (as well as the Alamy average). However, if you click the "Your Images" tab just under that, the Average CTR and Total CTR numbers are completely different (and much higher at least for me). So, which number accurately reflects how well I'm doing against the Alamy average? Fairly new here and still learning... Thanks in advance - ****** I have figured it out.... Took all of about 1.5 minutes. I said I was new here - I didn't say anything about smart.
  5. I was ok to upload the next day thank goodness. I have a 3 star so maybe that's why, but for whatever reason, I was very relieved. Didn't like that "sorry" email at all.
  6. I just got my first rejection since day 1 this morning. I had a feeling something was wrong like you did, but I was right. My mistake for uploading the wrong version of the photo. Anyway, to refresh your memory, you get a "Your Alamy Submission" titled email with the problem noted (file name and reason). I have a 3 star rating, sales and a very good CTR so hopefully it won't drop me down to a 2 star - I don't know how that works.