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  1. Had a few decent months lately. This month at least so far is crap. I've had three sales/downloads and I've made a total of .50 cents (.20, 20 and .10).
  2. Sold yesterday Usage: Corporate Package Use – Internal use and external non-advertising use Mid $$
  3. I'd be happy with a sale every other day, but I'm afraid it won't last. Decent start to the month though... August 2 -- Netted less than one dollar Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, For editorial use on website and associated social mediaMedia: Website, app and social media August 4 -- mid $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Website, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years.Media: Website, app and social media
  4. Interesting, and good to know where to look. I still enjoy seeing the photos in use. More rewarding than the couple of bucks I got for each of these... Thanks.
  5. These all sold yesterday, but for fairly low dollar amount each. One earlier sale this month of low $$, and one today for pennies. Not a good month so far, but hopefully it changes. My CTR is huge (bigger than it's ever been), but it's not resulting in more sales, and the sales I'm having are all low $$ or less. All of these are licensed as -- Image use: Editorial Details of use: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years Country: Worldwide Industry sector: Travel & tourism Additional Details: Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  6. Wow! Those images are everywhere and on every stock site. I couldn't find any restrictions mentioned regarding photographing it either. I hope it was just a warning and you're allowed to just remove it as opposed to being sued.
  7. I didn't mean to imply that these two links were the definitive guide of what is and isn't allowed, and I'm pretty sure I didn't imply that. They are however, a helpful guide for photographers as quite a few of the landmarks, events, subject restrictions, etc. relate to laws or regulations governing what can be termed "commercial" and/or "editorial or neither.
  8. Looking at Jan's port, I'm sure it's making the $250 a year easily. As far as legalities, both AS and SS have pretty good lists of known image restrictions which I find helpful. I'll try posting the links - not sure if they are allowed - but if you google "stock photo known image restrictions" (without the quotes), you'll find them both in the beginning of the results. https://helpx.adobe.com/cy_en/stock/contributor/help/known-image-restrictions.html https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Known-Image-Restrictions?language=en_US
  9. Having a very poor month with 1 sale so far. That hasn't happened in years, but I put it down to "just one of those things". Maybe the distraction of the new contract and the issues it's causing internally have somehow effected sales. Doesn't make sense, but I wouldn't put it down to a concerted effort by alamy to manipulate sales or sales reporting. I also stopped uploading images this past month and I've wondered whether there is any connection between continuous uploading and placement in search results.
  10. A little over 4200 images. The first few months were miserable, but especially the last few months have seen very large numbers. It could be because I focus on travel photos which are in demand, but whatever reason - I'll take it.
  11. My sentiments exactly. Alamy isn't my biggest money maker compared to the other two sites I contribute to, but it's a nice little chunk of travel money each year, doing something that I enjoy. Contributors were up in arms about the SS changes last June and left in droves (or said they did). I stuck around there too and am now doing better than before their big commission change. While it doesn't make me happy, I will probably stay and continue adding photos.
  12. Off to a great start after a decent January. Not my biggest sale, but it's been a long time seeing anything close to this. Makes up for the .10 cent sale last month. Low-mid $$$ (if that means in the $100 to $999 range).
  13. The number of sales is good at 8, with most in the mid $$ and one in the high $$, but I've also had a .10 cent and today a .40 cent sale, so the dollar amount isn't spectacular.
  14. I had the same thing last week - worldwide, in perpetuity, etc... I thought maybe it was a mistake, so I've been checking my sales chart to see if it's corrected, but I see now it apparently wasn't a mistake.
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