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  1. These are my thoughts for what they are worth - If the contributor has liability for content submitted not the publisher then maybe this can be addressed by doing what the other stock libraries do and that is paying someone to look at every image and see if it breaks any laws before allowing it to go on sale rather than spot checking in QC, this leads Alamy to not knowing what images they have on sale on their own systems. Plus Alamy having sufficient indemnity insurance to cover any legal challenges without passing the buck on to the contributor especially as Alamy take a much larger slice of
  2. You can also have personal sales that take time to clear too, I have one sold 3rd May not cleared yet and this is presumably without any credit extended to the buyer
  3. Just a thought, have you any coloured paper or card you could use for the background it would make it far eaiser as you start out, a pure white background is a difficult task without lighting it separately. I would break it down in to chunks, nail the focus and subject lighting with a complementary background colour then move on to white backgrounds when you have bought extra lighting be that continuous or flash.
  4. Have both 5d clasic and the MKii, the classic produces lovely smooth images but the MKii has more resolution detail. The classic had a problem where the mirror fell off and had to be repaired, mine did this but Canon repaired it for free, they are not doing it for free anymore so if you go down the classic route make sure it's had the repair. The MKii has live view it's a great help if doing macro, noise control is better, rear screen is much better it's just a much better camera it's old but still relevant where the clasic is old but nostalgic. It's rare I pick up the classic s
  5. So just contacted DACS and you can put UK website URLs where your image has appeared so long as it's not a newspaper or social media,and they will check them, sorry about my second guessing and getting it wrong.
  6. From the DACS website - Has your work ever appeared in a UK book, magazine or TV programme? Guess that means not on the web but can you give a URL to prove this if you don't have an ISBN or ISSN number. Last email from DACS (This week) NO worldwide,no World,no EU only claims that state UK explicitly. Hope this helps.
  7. In my experience EyEem don't change your keywords but when submitting images keywords are suggested it's up to the individual to decide whether the keywords are appropriate or not. When an image is selected for their partner site then the key wording is changed and it's that part that is out of the control of the photographer. Unfortunately royalties have taken a massive dive this last year and I no longer prioritise this library for my work.
  8. From my experience talking to graphic designers for instance they go to thier usual stock library supplier and don't spend time looking around for cheaper alternatives for the same image. They seem to stay with one prefered library due to them having no knoledge of the existence of competing stock agencies therfore would not stumble upon images that are exclusive to one site. That said there are a lot of varibles and one size does not fit all. Andy
  9. Please dont think I am slating you on your sales ED but unfortunately after Alamy have taken their 60% commission that leaves $7.99 each £6.48 English pounds, in that their is a lot to be unhappy with. Most people quote sale prices however it's our share of the full sales price that makes the sale look unappealing. Keep up the good work. Andy
  10. Thanks for that spacecadet, tried all different ways and was unsure if the link would turn in to a picture but it didn't
  11. https://www.alamy.com/conceptual-diorama-image-of-a-miniture-figure-couple-playing-golf-on-a-drinks-can-image235474762.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=B7BC0786-B4FC-4A1B-9F67-367AB98D1986&p=817740&n=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3dbar%26st%3d0%26pn%3d1%26ps%3d100%26sortby%3d2%26resultview%3dsortbyPopular%26npgs%3d0%26qt%3dgolf%2520diorama%26qt_raw%3dgolf%2520diorama%26lic%3d3%26mr%3d0%26pr%3d0%26ot%3d0%26creative%3d%26ag%3d0%26hc%3d0%26pc%3d%26blackwhite%3d%26cutout%3d%26tbar%3d1%26et%3d0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3d0%26loc%3d0%26imgt%
  12. 11.20 am and only 8 UK submissions on the live news feed says it all really, if you dont have it you cant sell it !
  13. Not too sure what to think about this latest development in the Alamy restructuring process. My last news upload was in December with no sales from this submission, before this I submitted news content in November with two sales out of five images submitted these images were of weather related countryside content after all Alamy has always said the weather is always in the news, also these images were not sent from the field but several hours later when I had returned home, I always thought the best images and hottest news stories were pinged directly to news desks leaving searchable news cont
  14. Thanks everyone for replying, I've had plenty of phishing emails on other email addresses, but this one was different too specific to my work and with info that could only come from my stock library accounts. Andy.
  15. Hi, I was a little concerned to receive an email from a company calling themselves Team Imageclick today asking if I wanted to use them for Key wording and retouching services, they are based in India and the concerning part is they have my full name and an email address that I only use for Image stock libraries and do not share with any other companies. I was just wondering if any other member had received such an email.
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