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  1. I have lost most of my stars in Alamy and want to gain them back. My last several submissions have passed, but I am curious if anyone knows which counts more, batches or individual pictures. Do we get a bigger ding on our rankings because of all the pictures rejected in a batch? Does the algorithm say , "Oh, we just rejected one batch, so that's a point off of Susan," or does it say, "We just rejected 20 images, so that's 20 points off Susan?" I saw a recommendation somewhere to submit in small batches. If I submit many one or two picture batches that pass, will I gain my stars back more q
  2. Thanks. What are contributors doing in the meantime? If you were me, would you just re-upload those images a few at a time?
  3. I uploaded 51 images yesterday but they are still processing with grey boxes. I should have uploaded just a few at a time, I know, but I forgot. Now I am not sure what to do. In the past if I reuploaded, some of the orignal ones eventually came in and then I had two of some images, which is a mess. I wish I could just delete the ones I uploaded or clear them some way and start over. Should I just assume that those are forever stuck and re-upload, or just wait indefintely to see if they go away or something? When I did that before (yes, I should have learned my lesson)
  4. Such good advice. Thank you so much. I saw somewhere that Alamy has a way to check my photos in light room to make sure they pass, but I can't find that link. Do any of you have that? And the face in the Rosetta stone. That was a really lucky capture. I was only in London for two days and hit the museums. I had just come from Greece, and it was so interesting that I saw the ruins there and half the relics in those museums, and then got see the other half in the British Museum!
  5. Thanks to all of you for your advice. I will take some time to read up on everything before I upload any more. And thanks for the compliment on my portfolio.
  6. Thanks, Allan. I am going to try their lightroom method on pictures I upload, but I didn't want to risk going to Alamy hell. I am reassured.
  7. I am fairly new to Alamy. I need to understand the consequences of failing QC. I have 329 images now and never failed until fairly recently. Then I was warned by someone on a FB forum that too many failures can result in permant banning from Alamy. I thought they were consecutive failures, but I had quite a few good uploads and then was failed for uploading a cellphone photo which had been accepted by at least three other agencies. I didn't realize they weren't allowed on Alamy. My account was frozen for 12 days. I have had two good uploads since then, but I currently only have a one star rat
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