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  1. Hoverfly (Melangyna lasiophtalma) male
  2. Smooth Newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) overwintering amongst rocks beside a pond.
  3. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

    It's a fresh male. Females have a yellow-green tint to the wings and lack the band on the wings.
  4. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

    Thank you Marianne. Whether they'll sell or not is another thing but at least I'm giving them a chance. I already have a few insects that are the only ones on Alamy and others that don't have many in searches. I believe I have reasonably sharp well composed photos. All I can do is try and advertise my Alamy port on social media. I use the small Meike 320P flash on my Em5 Mkii. Got it on Amazon for around €60. For diffusion I have a cheap small softbox from eBay attached to the flash. Then in front of that I have a DIY diffuser attached to the end of the lens. Seems to work ok. I find the Olympus 60mm macro an excellent sharp lens and autofocus is excellent also. It slows down slightly when a Raynox macro attachment is used but still good. I used to use Canon with the older Sigma 150mm macro non I.S. and had to use manual focus all the time for insects. The Olympus gear just makes things easier. It's so light I often shoot one handed while I hold a leaf or plant etc any particular insect is on. I also love the micro four thirds system for macro for the increased depth of field. I mostly use f11 which is the equivalent of f22 on full frame but without the amount of diffraction you'd get on full frame. Hope this helps. Larry.
  5. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

    One of the few times I have gotten out before 6am
  6. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

    That's the joys of it Betty. Early morning is the best time for butterflies and dragonflies etc. as they're too cold to fly away. I'm not an early bird however but hope to get up very early a few mornings at least this summer. Larry..
  7. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

    My port on here is all insects and invertebrates mainly. Mostly shot with the Olympus 60mm macro and Em5mkii handheld with diffused flash. The lightest and best system I've ever used for my macro work. Tripods only get in the way imo unless you're focus stacking an insect that stays still. Most insects don't wait around for you to set up your tripod. There's lots of scope for macro images of insects etc from extreme close ups of compound eyes and other details to wider shots showing habitat etc. I find the Olympus 60mm slightly short but fieldcraft and stealth gets me as close as I need. For tiny 1-2mm Globular Springtails I attach a Raynox MSN202 macro attachment.
  8. New contributor from Ireland.

    Hello John. Thank you. That's an impressive collection you have. I've a long way to go to even reach 500.
  9. New contributor from Ireland.

    Thanks TeeCee. I've been stung and bitten quite a few times but I don't get any bad skin reactions. Some people can get severe rashes etc.
  10. New contributor from Ireland.

    Thanks Michael Larry.
  11. New contributor from Ireland.

    Thank you Ed. Larry
  12. New contributor from Ireland.

    Horseflies are the worst. They bite when you're least expecting it. I do a lot of photography in the Clonmel area. Mainly head down in the bushes.
  13. New contributor from Ireland.

    Hi Andy Thanks for the vote of confidence. Larry
  14. New contributor from Ireland.

    Hi MDM Thank you. I love my insects. Yes I wouldn't live anywhere else.