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  1. thank you David,

    i'm using lightroom but trying hard (maybe a little bit too much) to not oversaturate colours.


    maybe that the first photos in my portfolio are very old, and several years ago digicam had a smaller dynamic range &/or saturation.


    anyway given the two comments regarding poor "pop" of my images, i definitely need to push a little bit that contrast, saturation and clarity slider ;)


    thank you!

  2. thanks very much for the feedback, Ian.

    i'll try to improve my post processing capabilities (i think i can recover clipping most of the times),

    and in short time will translate all the caption.


    od you think of other improvements for upping the game? or do you think i should change segment?


    anyway, you gave me a lot of homework ;)

    thank you



  3. Hello, 

    in order to optimize our photos in the SERP (search engine results page), is it better to subscribe images trought the global website or regional? any experience?

    i do have started with global (.com), but now i've seen that in italy we've a regional version.

    i tried do search some of my stuff in the regional website but nothing appears, while they're in the global website.

    how can I import all my photos in my region website? do i have to create a new account? can i upload the same pictures?


    any experience?

    thank you

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