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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I use a Manfrotto XPRO ball head now, which is OK for some things, but frustrating to use when you want to make precise adjustments as the camera always moves a little after you've locked the position and let go of the camera. I've looked at the Benro, though I didn't know about the Sunwayfoto head. They look OK, and I saw a couple of favourable mentions of the Benro head, but for various reasons I'm a little sceptical of buying stuff from Chinese companies. As for the plate, I saw that Hejnarphoto makes Arca Swiss adapters for Manfrotto head
  2. Thanks for your reply. I suspect that the 405 is unnecessarily large for the camera I intend to use it with, a Canon 5D, so it's very likely that the 410 is the answer.
  3. I'm considering getting a geared tripod head, one that isn't too expensive (so no Arca Swiss yet). Any recommendations? I've looked at the Manfrotto 405 and 410 (the XPRO seems a little unstable). I've read a few negative things about the 410 – such as the threads quickly becoming worn. Does anyone here use it?
  4. If you're getting a MacBook Pro, I'd strongly advise you to get the latest model with the newest generation keyboard; earlier keyboards are prone to failure – see this article and this, for instance. I've had the keyboard replaced twice in my 2016 15" MBP; the first time when it was two months old.
  5. There's no way to get around the compression artefacts, though, except perhaps by using a monochrome image.
  6. Is there any software that will do this automatically, or do you mean by editing/retouching in Photoshop (etc.)?
  7. With watermarks? Are there that many people who are interested in watermarked photos?
  8. As it is, header images are compressed so severely that they will invariably look blurred, if not pixelated.
  9. But Alamy would still have to change the way the header is saved, otherwise the image you uploaded would be badly pixelated too.
  10. You can actually adjust the vertical position by dragging the image.
  11. The main problem with the portfolio as it is, is the low quality of the header image. A large pixelated image is probably not the first thing you want to present your photos with. Not only is the portfolio header a great deal smaller (1292 × 317 px) than the image at the top on alamy.com (1920 × 650 px), it also appears to be more compressed. Whereas the current image on alamy.com (small brown cakes on a table) is 282 kb, this, for instance, has been reduced to 10 kb: And this to 79 kb:
  12. Mid $. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure Image Size: Any size Start: 01 October 2018 End: 01 October 2023 Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity
  13. I'm stuck at the three dots in Safari too when trying to change the header image. No trouble in Firefox – but I wanted to see if the greenish tint that's added to the image has anything to do with the browser. Addition: The greenish tint appears to be caused by Firefox. After changing the header image using Vivaldi, the tint is gone.
  14. Thanks. I was just thinking that perhaps it's not so relevant to people looking at my portfolio.
  15. I hope so. I don't think people looking at portfolios are necessarily so interested in what the photographers look like. And a blank photo, or some other non-portrait, makes it look a little like you're hiding yourself.
  16. It seems you have to click on every single one. A quicker way would be useful.
  17. The (temporary) header photo on mine, which is in black and white, has been given a greenish tint for some reason. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/tkrh
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