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  1. But a creative commons license doesn't allow you to sell someone else's photos, does it?
  2. The photographer confirmed, he didn't upload the photos to Alamy. Apparently, some of his family photos have been uploaded to Alamy too, and, according to him, Alamy refused to do anything about it.
  3. Yes, I noticed the small file sizes. I appears to be the same with all photos from this account.
  4. I don't think the photographer's counting on selling any photos – on Flickr he says that he's not there to make money. And the photos on Flickr are clearly his.
  5. I just came across this photo from Rødovre Town Hall (Denmark) on Alamy, which turns out to be on Flickr too with a CC license. Seems a little dubious.
  6. I use sRGB. In my initial post, though, what I meant was photos on Alamy in general.
  7. I actually skipped step seven as I didn't have a custom monitor profile. I just did the following test: reset the Firefox settings and opened an image in Firefox, Safari, Photoshop, Pixelmator and macOS's Preview. Again, in Firefox the image appears more saturated than in the other four, where it's displayed identically, as far as I can tell. Of course, it's still possible that the other four are somehow off, but it is perhaps unlikely that Firefox would be correct here.
  8. I think I had trouble with it too after posting it; it works now though (at least here): https://boutiqueretouching.com/browser-color/ This is the Firefox part: How To Enable Color Management For Firefox Open a new tab in Firefox Type “about:config” into the URL field Access the Firefox config after the notice of warning. Filter for “color_management” in the search field. Change “gfx.color_management.enablev4” to the value “true” Change “gfx.color_management.mode” to the value “1” to enable color management for all tagged and untagged
  9. If anyone else is interested, here's a description of how to enable colour management in Firefox, it's in the section "How To Enable Color Management For Firefox".
  10. Thanks for your comments. I think I shall refrain from using Firefox when looking at Alamy; the other three browsers I use displays colours identically, without the exaggeration of Firefox.
  11. But the large watermarked image is still not the full-size jpg. I suppose, though, that there shouldn't be much difference, otherwise buyers would be cheated of the well-saturated images they thought they were getting.
  12. I still just use my MacBook Pro with its 2880x1800 Retina, 24-Bit Colour (ARGB8888), display. I'm unsure of colour management, but as far as I can see, current versions of Safari and Firefox should be colour managed. However – I just checked – there's quite a big difference between Safari and Firefox, saturation in Firefox is much higher. I wasn't aware of this.
  13. Thanks for the reply. After you mentioned FLM, I had a look at their tripods, they seem quite decent too.
  14. When you look at photos on Alamy, a good deal of them appear to be highly saturated. Could it be that the thumbnail compression adds saturation, or is this how the full size images would appear too? If the latter is the case, is there a good reason for saturating the colours like this – do photos with strong colours sell better? Any views on this?
  15. Also very useful: Merlin Bird ID app (for iOS and Android + free): http://merlin.allaboutbirds.org/
  16. I was actually looking at the Slik tripods too, PRO CF-834 and a smaller model. I bought a cheap Slik tripod a few years ago, it was around 10,000 yen; not that solid but definitely decent for the price.
  17. After having to pay 200 euro (VAT and fees) to receive a box of food and a few personal belongings sent from Japan, I've avoided ordering larger things from outside the EU. I would consider buying a tripod in the US, though, next time I go.
  18. The plasticky part is the base, where the legs are attached and the centre column goes through. And the 90° angle elements don't appear too sturdy either. The legs themselves are OK though, and the centre column too.
  19. I've looked at the RRS tripods, and – like several other brands – they're not distributed in Denmark, which means I'd have to pay VAT in another country on top of the already steep price. And also, their maximum height is rather short considering their folded length.
  20. Thanks for your reply. I looked at the old threads before posting, but that didn't bring me any closer to a decision, unfortunately. My 5D (IV) has a digital level, which is perhaps not as easy to use as the bubble type, but it works. Making precise adjustments with a ballhead I find really difficult, so I'm determined to take a geared head with me. I see that the Gitzo Mountaineer series could also be an option; they seem pretty sturdy.
  21. It's about time to replace my Manfrotto 190go! tripod. The legs are reasonable, but the centre column is rickety, and overall it's too plasticky. And I rarely use the 90° function. I'm looking for something relatively light that I can bring on a plane and on a bike, and walk around with for hours. It needs to hold a slightly heavy geared head and a Canon 5D with a tilt-shift lens, and I intend to use it mainly for photographing architecture. I've looked at Gitzo Traveler, 4 sections, series 1 and series 2, and at the Feisol Traveler Tripod CT-3441T Rapid and a few of their other mo
  22. I use a Canon 5D Mark IV, currently with a Manfrotto 410 geared head, but I'm not completely satisfied with the Manfrotto, it's heavy and sort of clunky and the knobs aren't very smooth. As I'm in Denmark, one of the advantages of the Cambo is that there's a Danish distributor, which isn't the case with Arca Swiss.
  23. Thanks for the recommendation. I've looked at it, but I find the price a little too steep, particularly for the version with geared panning. The Cambo head is also expensive, but not quite as much.
  24. Has anyone here used the Cambo PCH Gearhead? If so, what's your impression of it?
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