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  1. I ended up with an enormous amount of keywords after using the Alamy bridge Lightroom plugin (my own fault, as I stupidly transferred all keywords from Alamy back to Lightroom), and I've spent many hours deleting unnecessary keywords from my Lightroom library. As I had to go through the keywords to find the ones I wanted to delete, using the minus button would have required a lot of scrolling up and down.
  2. After following this thread, I decided to give Photo Mechanic another try. I'm sure it's every bit as good as people say, when it comes to functionality; the interface, though, is a little clunky and somewhat reminiscent of Visual Basic, which is a shame.
  3. This is a good idea. Has anyone here asked Alamy if they would consider this?
  4. No, just highlight the individual keywords holding control and then click the minus button. I'm not quite sure I follow you here. If you have a long list of keywords and you want to delete keywords further down the list, you have to first scroll down to highlight the keywords, and when you do that, i.e. scroll down, the top section of the keyword list – where the minus button is located – disappears from view, so you have to then scroll back up to the top of the list in order to be able to click the minus button.
  5. Not entirely sure what you mean by this but you can delete more than one keyword - in fact you can delete all if you want. Highlight the ones to delete then click the minus symbol in the top bar. You're right! I wasn't aware that it worked with the minus button, I always used the Delete option in the contextual menu, which for some reason only deletes the last of the selected keywords. In any case, if you have a long list of keywords and you want to delete some further down the list, you'd then have to scroll back and forth between the minus button and the keywords in question
  6. Unfortunately, while Capture One is good for many other things, it's terrible when it comes to cataloguing and searching.
  7. I use Lightroom too, and I am happy with it in this regard, except for a few quirks, such as not being able to delete multiple keywords at the same time.
  8. I assume the same rules apply to moving images. There's quite a lot of digitized orphaned small gauge film footage on archive.org – though, of course, not for sale. One of the libraries there, which is something of a goldmine if you're interested in stuff like this, is IICADOM – The International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People's Memories.
  9. One of three 0.63 cent (after deduction) sales today. Koenji, Tokyo. (The other two from Tokyo as well.)
  10. From one of the people who left SS because of the censorship issue (Twitter thread):
  11. I just found a couple of my photos credit to Mauritius Images/Alamy/me, here: https://www.eurowings.com/de/horizons/familien-urlaub/kopenhagen-kinder.html Carbon Date estimates that the page was published on October 18; the photos haven't been invoiced yet though. I assume it takes longer for distributor sales. I tried searching for the photos on IM too without any luck.
  12. Unsurprising development: https://theintercept.com/2019/11/06/shutterstock-china-censorship-tech/ "Under the new system […] anyone with a mainland Chinese IP address searching […] for “President Xi,” “Chairman Mao,” “Taiwan flag,” “dictator,” “yellow umbrella,” or “Chinese flag” will receive no results at all."
  13. $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Magazines and books, Use in a magazine article (print, digital, electronic), 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising)Start: 06 September 2019End: 06 September 2024 (Nordic Marine Oil, Frederikshavn, Denmark)
  14. Right. It looks like it isn't included yet (it doesn't show up on the dashboard yet either).
  15. How do you tell if it's a distributor's sale? This is what the summary says: Country: Worldwide; Usage: Editorial; Media: Editorial website; Start: 01-May-2019; End: 01-May-2024 Additional Details: Croatia, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  16. A $3.21 sale with a $2.24 deduction – ? (The photo is marked as exclusive.)
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