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  1. When I year or so ago I mentioned that Alamy is becoming a microstock agency and we are contributing to it I was "hissed off". But the truth is: 1) Alamy is becoming a microstock agency by dropping prices. Just got two sales for $3 each... RF, full size. Really? $3 for a full size image? Tell me that's not microstock prices. 2) We are contributing to it by uploading tons of mediocre photos. Yes, yes, I know that famous story about kitchen sink photo. But in fact - that's a typical microstock approach, whether you like it or not. You just too afraid to admit it.
  2. I'll try to be there. Nothing is planned for that day except early morning.
  3. Happy to join. Please let me know when and where. My schedule is relatively flexible.
  4. Thanks, John! I guess I opted in for NU to get more sales, but had no idea of their prices...
  5. I do have very good sales as well here. Hence I'm still here, but quite a lot of recent very low sales are raising more and more questions. I'm 100% sure people out there are abusing the system and buying high-res images for 'presentations'. Why you need to pay $$$ if you can get the same for $20? Certainly need to opt out from NU. Is that the 'Novel use', am I correct? Unfortunately it's grayed out for me right now. Need to wait another half a year. Worth opting out from any other scheme? e.g. 'Distribution', 'UK newspaper scheme' or 'Image options'.
  6. From what I could see Alamy is becoming more and more traditional microstock agency like Shutterstock etc. Lots of below than mediocre images and dramatically dropped prices. Also had a few THESE sales: Country: Worldwide Usage: NU Editorial website and app multiple use, Editorial website and app multiple use Media: Editorial website and app multiple use Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Duration: In perpetuity Previously the same images were sold here for much-much better prices.
  7. I'm using 18-135 all the time - my go everywhere lens on X-E2 (and 10-24 on X-T2). If it's too slow then just crack ISO a bit - shouldn't be a problem. Fuji has really fine naturally looking 'grain' and QC accepts even ISO 3200. CA and distortion can be really easy fixed in LR/ACR/etc.
  8. Just had a sale and the sale price was $25.21 (top part of the image below) while a quote for this image and same usage is $180 (bottom part of the image below). Am I missing something?
  9. @geogphotos, I'm sorry to say, but I haven't touched your comment at all. If you got a negative one then someone else did that. You might not believe me (you've got all rights to do so), but it wasn't me. I rather decided not escalate the topic for obvious reasons.
  10. Not even started criticizing Just questioned. Huge difference. Simply because I see people here are so afraid of ms yet following ms approach. That surprises me.
  11. Because that's the time when I joined Alamy and uploaded my microstock RF portfolio. Then in 2011 I stopped uploading anything and decided to start uploading again my RM images last November. So I had 6-7 gap at Alamy.
  12. First of all it's not a question about me. I just happen to have a couple of friends who are doing really good. As I said I started uploading good photos to Alamy last November. Will see how it goes. I've got nice income (could be better, but cannot complain) from my site and I'd like to compare it with Alamy.
  13. @Gennadii Rybalov, @andremichel, you simply forgot how he got to that success. Everyone started with a small amount. The point is - he was uploading not only sellable subjects, but very high quality. Sure over the years he created enormous portfolio... But he quit his daily job long before that.
  14. Exactly! Hence was my initial question. If sales a low even with large portfolio then...
  15. @Gennadii Rybalov, you probably never heard about Yuri Arcurs and a few people like him, do you? That's not the person I'm talking about, but you will get the point. "In 2007 he was the top ranked selling contributor at Shutterstock, Fotolia, Crestock and BigStockPhoto. In 2008 Arcurs sold 650,000 images per year through 16 different microstock agencies. A 2010 vote by readers of PDN Magazine ranked Arcurs among the "30 Most Influential Photographers" of the decade. In 2011 he was considered to be the best selling microstock photographer in the world, selling more than 2 milli
  16. Fair question. I don't know. I guess there should be some common sense and self criticism. I know that potentially anything can be sold. But for me I cannot (at this time at least) cross some line and upload total garbage. But that's me. And balance is the key. Enough quantity and good quality. And diversity as well. All three. Together. Not sacrifice one for other.
  17. Why... don't really know. Probably because of the way how I organise notes for my itinerary. I usually have a spreadsheet with rows for days and columns for info per day. Similar to that: Day 1, Date, Sunrise Time, Shooting location for sunrise, Daytime shooting location OR/AND travel to another far destination, Sunset time, Sunset Location, Hotel info Here how it could look for Sydney for example: Day 1, 13/01/2018, Sunrise: 5:57am, Location: Sydney Opera House from Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Day Location: The Rocks. Then drive to Katoomba, Blue Mountains (1.5h, 100km), Suns
  18. Well... If a person quits his daily job and starts doing microstock full time... well... Can you do that? You've got 57K images... More than he has on microstock with microsales. Can you do only stock photography? I guess not. He can. Counting he has family and two kids so it's not an income for a single student living in a dorm. PS. Nothing personal...
  19. I'm not saying one should concentrate only on quality. Never said that. Quality, Quantity, Diversity. But what I see here is people concentrate on quantity like on microstock. Same approach. Upload tons of photos. What if someone uploads not 4000 average images per year but say 1000 per year, but that will be very good images. 4000 average images per year VS 1000 good images per year. Drop in quantity and increase in quality as right now I see only quantity. Sorry for being this little child who is saying "He hasn't got anything on!"
  20. I just started uploading images to Alamy from my site. Literally started doing that last November. Before that it was mostly RF and some very old travel images. > How does the quality of your landscapes compare to your friends? Well... one is doing lifestyle and I'm not shooting it at all. The the one... I guess she is better than me in terms of identifying composition and subject. > Is the quality over quantity approach not working for you on alamy? It's too early. As I just started uploading images I guess I'll have some results (if any)
  21. For the plaiining it's pretty much the same as yours, Andreas. Then I'm creating a map in Google Maps, export locations in KML and then import in my favourite map app on a phone. For itinerary I'm using Excel spreadsheet which you can easily open on a phone in many apps - no cloud required. Everything is stored on Dpropbox and on a phone as well as a copy.
  22. Not at all I quit microstock (as microsales) about 8 years ago and do not want to go back. Moreover I started uploading my images to Alamy again recently. But what I see here is people are following the same strategy as people on microstock and that really surprises me - upload everything with hoping it would sell. Maybe I'm too naive but when I came to Alamy in 2006 I thought it's the place with much higher image standards.
  23. "Doctor, my neighbor tells everyone he is having sex three times per night and he is 75! I'm 60 and I can do only once!" "Well... Who stops you saying the same?" I'd say the same if I didn't know these people personally. That's the difference. Yes, there is a chance they are not saying the right thing, but when a person quits his daily job and does only stock... Well... I guess he is doing better than in the office. Otherwise why you need to do that?
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