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  1. I don't have time No I don't spell check as I don't have the time. I have another job as well which takes up most of my time - Building Surveying, a fair bit of which is in France, so easier to outsource my key wording. I am happy with the service, and as we charge out our surveying work at £100 per hour plus VAT, key wording would not b worth our while. Matt x
  2. Hi Everyone, I have used Clemency Wright based in the North of the UK. I don't have time to do the key wording myself. I have noted an uplift in click-throughs and zooms. As yet, no surge in sales, but I only started using her in August. I generally label the locations, but they put in the synonyms and all those other bits which are such a pain to do. Hope that helps. Kind regards Matt
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