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  1. First sale today since uploading since september with just over 1000 images in my port. $35 in the can
  2. Thanks for this, i know that once they are on, they are on so it dosnt matter if it takes 10 years for an image to sell really, i know its not an overnight thing i would have just liked to see one license by now. Thanks for this tho im sure with a little time i will figure it all out what the best process is, and maybe even forget the micros all together, but im determined to get a payout now! which means i will have to keep uploading, currently on a whopping $8 on a micro site, with 3 downloads yesterday
  3. I run an aerial photography business, im not a stock photographer, but if these images are sitting on my computer collecting digital dust surely they are worth uploading? Im not taking generic 'stock' images per-se but they must still have some commercial value even if they sell less frequently than more conventional stock.
  4. We are in a very similar boat by the sounds of it, i joined at the end of September. As others have said there may be a sale (fingers crossed) that hasn't become visible yet... I may have a change of tact myself, say upload all new work to alamy, leave it for a month then upload to MS too?? Will have to have a think
  5. Thanks to everyone else for the helpful comments. I have only being uploading since the end of september, so hopefully there is a sale that hasnt been made visible yet! As far as commercially saleability, i get that my images are going to sell less frequently than images of a girl using a phone in a suit for example, but there is still reasons for these images to sell i believe, its just the waiting game i suppose which inst much fun at all!!
  6. Thank you Joseph, The fact is, if im getting paid to do a job, its in the t's and c's that the images will be uploaded to stock, so i may as well do it just for a little bonus if nothing else, i know what your saying and agree 100% with the ongoing costs of keeping it in the air legally, i certainly wouldn't have trained and obtained permissions if it was just a stock game, with the insurances being £700-£1000 a year it would take some serious sales just to make that back!
  7. Hello all, This is going to be one of them questions that we have all seen 1000 times now, and i think i may know the answer. I currently have almost 1000 images, a mixed bag of aerial and ground shots, on alamy i have had 850ish views with 4 zooms- 0 sales. I upload all of my content to a micro site beginning with an 'S' and ive had 20 odd sales on there. I know people hate these micro sites, and i feel that potential alamy sales have been driven there if they have shopped around for a cheaper download. The alamy upload process is my favorite, nice and clear and easy
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