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  1. Hi folks I just want to thank everyone who contributed to my post on QC Ranking, I really appreciate all the advice and comments and have taken all the everything on board. I've had a look around some ports and I have to say you are all a talented bunch of artists, and me, well I will have to get cracking to increase my own port and try and do the best I can. Thank you all once again Pam 😀
  2. Hi Russell Thank you for the information, I will have to get going to increase my portfolio, now I'm getting to grips with the procedures. I've still a lot to learn, but really enjoying it, and that's the secret enjoying what you do. Thank you once again Pam
  3. Hi Jim Thank you one again for your lovely reply. I think it will be a while before I get back to the Broads, my hubby loved going there but unfortunately he passed away a year ago next month. I do live in the lovely county of Shropshire with plenty of canals, boats and wildlife. When lockdown has finished I will be making the most of the rest of the summer, me, my camera, sandwiches and a bottle of pop. Take care Pam
  4. Hi Steve Many thanks for the info Steve, I do try and get things right with uploading, and so far, it has worked out well. Thank you once again Pam
  5. Hi Jim Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated. And thank you for the tip about Acle, sorry about that. We have been going there for many years, and I should have realised about the spelling, "it wasn't me, it was my very old finger that made that mistake" lol. I'm just waiting to do some more of the Norfolk Broads, it's such a beautiful place to visit. Who needs to go abroad when we have places like that to visit. Alll the best Pam
  6. Hi folks Just a quickie, how can you improve your QC Rank. Is it the amount of images in your portfolio or quality? Many thanks Pam
  7. Hi Steve Thank you so much for the advice and the lovely compliments. I still have an awful lot to learn about Stock, and yes I'm creeping in from SS. Being an old-un I wished I had done something like this years ago, but at least it keeps me out of mischief 😉 Pam
  8. Hi Steve, thank you for taking time out to answer. What I should have said in my post was creating galleries within our Alamy portfolios, sorry I should have been a bit more explicit. Note to self - Get brain into gear before hitting the OK button lol
  9. Hi folks, Just a quickie to ask is it worth creating galleries within your portfolio. I have started to do this, and I to just need to tidy up a few and add more images. Thank you Pam
  10. Paulette, I've found the delete button. Thank you
  11. Oh thank you Paulette, I'll have a quick look now. I'll get my brain in gear with future uploads lol. Thank you once again
  12. I've very stupidly doubled on two upload which are already in my portfolio. I need to delete two of them in the Image Manager, is it possible and how Many thanks for your time, much appreciated Pam
  13. Hi Alan, many thanks for that. Enjoying my photography and all the learning that goes with it.
  14. Ah Vicky, that means a lot. I'm loving every minute of it all, and thank you for what you say about my images. I've had a look at yours and they are also very good and we can look forward to some sales - that being the icing on the cake I lived in London for almost 45 years before moving to the Midlands so I know some of the places you have photographed and it's nice to see them
  15. Hi Rob, yes we are neighbours and I live in Shawbirch, Telford. There are so many lovely places in Shropshire to take images from, we don't have to travel too far. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.
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