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  1. Thank you, Russell. It appears that we have the option to embed color. No indication that EXIF data is included.
  2. Hello Russell, Thank you for your message. We are using Photoshop. I will see if the option you've indicated works on our program. Thank you so much for your assistance. Very Truly Yours, SAAM
  3. Dear MDM, Thank you so much for your response. How does one ensure that images contain the embedded metadata? Thank you for your ongoing assistance. Best Wishes, SAAM
  4. Having difficulty with first three photo uploads. I've read the information from Alamy regarding technical specifications and QC. My experienced technical team created image files to these specifications, with EXIF and metadata in the file names, but we keep getting the message that the EXIF information must be present. We're stumped. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you!
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