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  1. For those of us who are Stock Imaging Forum members, it is back up with apologies from Darrell for the delay. For anyone who would like to join us, see my earlier message in this thread, we welcome new members. Louise
  2. To the best of my knowledge it has not folded. Occasionally it goes down, and the administrator is unaware. I have put a note on Facebook to let him know, will send an email as well. Louise
  3. Betty's sister's experience in St Croix was unacceptable, but I will put in a good word for T-Mobile otherwise. I have unlimited calls, text, and 4G data throughout the US, plus unlimited 3G data in 20 other countries. This is particularly useful for me because of the amount I travel to Canada (where roaming charges are the highest I have seen anywhere). I avoid making phone calls when in Canada, but my primary email account is deliberately hobbled outside the US, so it is useful to have the email facility on the phone. Somehow they don't restrict usage from the phone, only from "foreign" ISP's. When I am in UK I have an elderly flip-phone and a local Virgin Mobile pay as you go sim card for phone calls, and I get the data plan plus phone coverage in Virgin dead spots on my T-Mobile USA phone. It's a complicated world we live in. There was a time when I thought I had no need for data on my phone, now I don't know what I would do without it. Louise
  4. I had the Canon 10-22 for a long time, sold it when I sold my 7D to fund other gear, but it was just about the sharpest lens I had up to that date. I didn't have much use for the very wide angle or I would have kept it. It is not inexpensive, but used copies are readily available. Louise
  5. Given that you can return it, I would suggest you try the Tamron before ruling it out. As I said, I am delighted with the results on my 5DIII. It outperforms my (now sold) 100-400 in every respect. Although it doesn't quite meet my 400 prime for sharpness, it is far and away an improvement for usability. I checked Camera Canada and other Cdn stores and it appears you can have it within a week or so even though they are all out of stock at the moment. I waited months for mine. Louise
  6. I have to tell you Lynn, I tried the extender route as you are, rented the 2X, the original 500 lens, and the 5DIII. Could not get autofocus using the 2X with any lens, the one I rented or any of the L lenses in my bag. When I used a tripod or monopod and managed to get the focus where I wanted the results were still unacceptably soft. I have read that the 1.4X is a better choice and gives sharper results, but you are still going to lose autofocus. Fantastic if you can get on without it, but it is the one feature of modern cameras that I can't do without. But that's me. There is a rental company in Canada I know. After my disastrous purchase of the original 7D I have never bought a lens or a camera without renting one first. Not an inexpensive route, but it does save costly mistakes. At least in Canada and the US I believe you have the option of returning the item. Louise
  7. Hi Betty, What troubles me about the first image is the cup and saucer being out of focus while the pie is not, and they are on the same plane. The second image would seem to me to be a choice, having the focus point on the inside of the pie and everything else OOF. A very shallow DOF is a style in food photography, perhaps not as common as it was at one time, but I would say there is nothing wrong with it if you like that style. (Myself I hate it, especially when there is a recipe involved, how can one tell what the dish is supposed to look like!) As for the third, IMHO I would have reduced the noise in the shadows somewhat, and I agree about removing the black specks. Louise
  8. I never ignore the landmarks. What's more, I make a point of getting the iconic view if the light is good, as well as the unusual or personal composition. While I lived in Paris I took lots of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and they still sell regularly, although not as frequently as when they were new. So my experience is that there is an ongoing requirement for iconic views that are current (or seasonal) as long as the conditions are right (light, sky, background, no scaffolding etc). The images that clutter up my portfolio without sales are those of the landmarks taken in less than ideal conditions. So, on a dull day with flat light I try to be more creative and shoot umbrella pictures, go for the landmarks when the sun comes out. The only local image here that I have ever sold is of the only local iconic landmark. Must go out and get some more of those... Louise
  9. I have the Tamron 150-600 and I am absolutely delighted with it. I sold my 100-400 because it just wasn't up to the standard of my other lenses and replaced it with a used 400 f5.6 prime. It is sharp as a tack, but the lack of IS is a problem, as is the lack of close focus. When the Tamron was announced I stood in line to get it, and it was unquestionably worth the wait. It doesn't quite meet the IQ of the 400 prime, but the extra reach, the versatility of the zoom, and the IS or vibration reduction whatever they call it makes it far more useful in my bag and the quality is fine with a little PP. That is, the quality is definitely better than my old 100-400. Plus it is light enough to handhold. I simply could not carry (or use without a tripod) any of Canon's big guns, so this is a wonderful compromise. I suggest you don't cancel your order Lynn. Louise
  10. Stock Imaging Forum is alive and well, but it went private a while ago. It is invitation only, and we don't welcome participants who like to get into arguments or make inflammatory statements. We do discuss a wide range of topics and are obviously not limited to Alamy related ideas. It is a moderated forum, but the moderators generally have little to do, and we like it that way. You can send me a PM if you would like to join and I will pass the request along. Real names are required, and some indication that you are serious about stock photography. Louise
  11. I have lived in a few places and visited a few more, but the home of my heart is always England's Lake District. Been visiting since 1976, walked most of the hills around Keswick and Borrowdale (and have plans to walk a lot more). I usually manage to get there once a year, and while I love most of England, this little corner draws me back every time. Louise
  12. I am in the middle of the 60 day trial for Capture One. I find it gives much better results for my Olympus OM-D, but for images taken with the Canon 5DIII I still prefer the results from ACR/Photoshop. I think I am (reluctantly) going to have to buy Capture One for use with the Olympus files, and continue with ACR for files from Canon cameras. What I do not like about Capture One is the way it assumes you wish to use it for file management. I have a system in place that works for me, so all I want is the RAW converter. I most particularly don't want files named and ordered and backed up by my RAW conversion software. It seems to be fairly easy to ignore that aspect of the software though. Louise
  13. Which one failed? I am seeing some purple fringing around light sources. Also the DOF is very shallow on the ones I looked at. Not that I am saying the shallow DOF does not contribute to the atmosphere, but I did not look at all of them. If the fail was for SLD, perhaps QC felt the point of focus should have been elsewhere. It only takes one to fail a whole batch, so it matters which one failed. Louise
  14. Also, Measures includes only a subset of regular customers. Very few of my sales ever show up as zoomed in Measures. Louise
  15. I download all files (shoot RAW only) using "copy" from a card reader and file them in folders by year and month, sometimes by trip location. All RAW files are immediately backed up to 2 external hard drives. I rarely if ever delete anything, even obvious rejects. Look at each image in Bridge, immediately convert the ones I am going to use in ACR. 25% sharpening added at this stage. Very minimal adjustments in ACR, but always CA removal, occasional white balance, and occasional crop and uprez (as long as the horizon is straight). Converted files are temporarily saved in a file called "Converted", after doing preliminary identification. The filename at this point is changed to a one or two word identifier with the automatic 4-digit ending that Bridge adds if requested. So, for instance, Savannah0374, or Egret chicks0375. After converting a manageable batch (roughly 100 images), all files are opened individually in Photoshop. First I research the subject and add caption and keywords plus copyright info. At the same time I am looking at sets of similars/same subject and deciding on which agency they will go to first. (basically if it is to be offered to Getty it gets keywords with no plurals, synonyms and other word variations) All major tweaking and checks are done in Photoshop including curves, 100% check for dust bunnies, a second pass for CA if required, noise reduction if required (done on a layer so it can be selectively reduced or removed), and any major work like removing people. Also straighten horizon or fix issues with perspective if required, and then uprez (or downrez to improve sharpness) if needed. Completed files are saved as jpgs in folders for each agency, numbered Submission 1, Submission 2 and so on. Upload when submission folders reach roughly 30 images or at the end of a batch, whichever comes first. Alamy final keywording is done after QC using Manage Images 1, cut and paste caption from Description field if required, and move keywords out of Comprehensive using cut and paste. After Getty has picked through a submission the rejected images are either submitted to Photographers Choice RF (if suitable) or are copied to the next Alamy submission folder as long as they are not similars. If I eventually decide to add Lightroom to the workflow I would expect to do the keywording there, and since it is so miraculous I will only have to work with a small percentage in Photoshop (that's the theory). So I expect to make the which agency decisions at the initial Lightroom stage and save most files from there directly to the agency submission folders. But, I am still not convinced that Lightroom will do anything for me other than change the initial RAW conversion step. Louise
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