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  1. HI everyone Guess who has been banned for 10 days again! I uploaded a picture taken at night of the town Christmas Tree with the caption 'Happy Christmas to All at Alamy' because they had specifically asked for 'night shots'. They failed it mainly for noise and being soft. It was covered in lights and looking really pretty. Hey Ho See you in 10 days. Happy Christmas
  2. Awesome - done - thanks! It also calibrated text visibility and darkened down the white a shade.
  3. The above conversation is very helpful as I study (wade through) my Lightroom book. I understand that gamma calibration tools are quite expensive. Is there a trick for setting your monitor without paying a fortune?
  4. Now that I am taking notice of images online to see who shot them or stocked them, It seems that different photo agencies have very different standards. Have a look at this shot if you scroll down in the main article to the image of an explosion of autumn leaves near a post box. There is some rubbish in the leaf pile and also the whole shot seems out of focus. Does anyone know who PA is? I wonder if Alamy would have failed this shot? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-42069508 cheers David
  5. Yes I know what you mean. We grew the little vine tomatoes too and they went on producing for ages right to end of Oct outside. Not sure what variety but you can almost taste them from the quality of the photo he said, patting Bryan on the back for his horticultural prowess! cheers David
  6. HI Colblimp - one quick question on Item 3. Say I have uploaded 100 shots in colour - can I upload the same shots in black and white after processing through Lightroom (book arrived today)? or will they say that they are duplicates? cheers David
  7. Hi thanks once more to all - I never had any intention of putting those up to Alamy - I was just trying to show you how a full shot of the sky with buzzards, sparrowhawks and kestrels looks when you blow up the image of one or two birds at that altitude. You have as usual made some interesting comments which I will study. Hiring seems the best bet from the range of solutions you have put here. The buzzards and other birds here do come down and I photographed a buzzard dragging prey through a cornfield. The other morning I went up to the lake at 06.30 in the dark and as the light levels rose a little there were 80 geese sailing away in a great flock. Then a squabble occurred and they all took off (which is how I counted them - but the light levels were so low that the shot is no use for Alamy. I do agree that a 1.4 or 2x converter just fudges the sharpness of the D800. Nice to chat. cheers David
  8. The end result of a telephoto shot should be a clear image that is usable with Alamy and perhaps of a big enough file size to upload to my Saatchi Art pages for photo sales that have significant 'room size'. For this they are asking for around 36 meg. However, I am being told by camera shops that the best replacement for my Sigma 150-500 which is soft at the 400-500 end and does not take kindly to a 2x doubler, is the new Sigma 150-600 sports which is £1250 or so. With my current telephoto lens and camera, a buzzard at 5,000 feet comes out at 167k. Not 6 megapixels! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdsw4rwjp9q55aw/Cloud of birds.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhmzmtfxqk863je/Buzzard feather detail.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ndt5382ghk0kjgy/Buzzard soaring.jpg?dl=0 Does anyone think that mounting a Nikon D800 on a Questar Cadiotropic telescope would be a better bet for far distance bird shots? Has anyone tried using a telescope rather than a big lens for wildlife? cheers David
  9. Well - I'm glad I asked. So much helpful information. Thank you. It is fascinating to read how you work and how you think - and some of the replies were really amusing. I have an impression in my mind of a tomato shot by a Zuiko! It does get very expensive keeping up - the astro version of the Nikon 810 is very expensive because you get hardly anything back in part exchange. It seems camera depreciate faster than cars and a £1,000 lens is worth £220 within 2 years. Thanks kind regards to all David
  10. HI again Yes you have once more identified things I could do to improve - all good advice. My original strategy was to get 500 fully searchable shots online to have some sort of presence and then refine them as you are suggesting. Some of my shots do have the animal and Latin classification name and others I still have to do. I will work through them over time. I have been lucky to travel all over the shop as you say, but my Achilles Heel has been the cameras. The Sony is unacceptable to Alamy, the Canon is a little better and the Nikon is fine. The Mamiya 6x7 is 'slides only' so even if I had each of them scanned, Alamy would not accept them presumably because the Mamiya is a non-DLSR medium format camera and the pixels would therefore be artificially generated by a line scanner? I do have an electronic slide scanner and thousands of slides - for example the Oman stuff is all Kodak slides from a non-digital camera (Yashica) but Alamy proscription would make them upload non grata! Anecdote: I do have one awful claim to fame. I ran a print and packshot studio for commercial leaflets, posters for several years with umbrella lights and a PMT camera for knock-downs. I used AppleMacs and Quark Xpress and did national exhibition typesetting demos for Apple. I was one of the first people in UK to have a laser printer (it cost me £4,400 at the time!!!) I also did some portrait work (Bay City Rollers (ha!). A man came into the studio and explained that he had developed a special disposal garment for NHS surgeons - head to toe cover - and that the Americans were interested too. Could I please do the packshots for him so that he could show them to the Americans. I did all the work, he paid me. Then I read that he had been found murdered face down in a swamp in Florida! He had been conned by gangsters big time. How about all of you - do you have any dodgy (but true) stories like that? cheers and all the best David
  11. I am sorry that there is some discord and thanks for all your support. I may not be as good at the technical aspects of photography as some colleagues here - however, I have been praised by Sussex Wildlife Trust, the police, and our local MP. I have done some photography for Hastings Tourist Board which was preferred to that of David Bailey - and also I have a massive print of one of my Mamiya 6x7s as the permanent backdrop to parliamentary elections whenever the General Election results are read out. So I do feel I am getting somewhere with photography as art. Now I am going to study Lightroom and then I hope gradually to be even more successful. I have photographed a large part of the world from the Falklands and Ascension Island, to Greenland and Svalbard and the Dufourspitze summit of Monte Rosa and in many places in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Hong Kong, China and Labrador. I have been to Baalbek and Tannourine and slept overnight in the Bekaa Valley and on the Okstind Icecap - and I'm proud to have managed to get inside the Al Khiam South Lebanese Army Torture Centre and take some shots before the Israelis bombed it. I have photographed turtles being born on Masirah Island off the coast of Oman. Scientists have told me that some of my insect photographs have helped them to understand Roesel's Cricket far better because of the clarity of my macro work. I do love photography like you all do and I accept that I must work the way that you all work, now I understand the system. Sorry to cause such a kerfuffle! I am sure this will make me a better photographer. Thanks again. David
  12. Yes I'm okay about it - it's been a learning curve and I agree that Alamy are quick. I think the pain for me and for some others has been that if you spend Saturday and Sunday laboriously uploading 76 photos only to find that your whole stack has been a waste of time and you still don't know if the other 75 will be accepted... So I will be much more careful and hope not to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous... again!
  13. Ha! Yes I ordered the book - I already have the latest Lightroom and Photoshop suite with regular updates from Adobe. It is my fault I did not use Lightroom and now that you are all encouraging me to take a much more professional approach then I will be studying all this very hard and trying to catch up with you all. I must say once more that I do find you a very supportive group.
  14. Yes thank you I have ordered Lightroom 6 and I already have the Photoshop and complete Lightroom suite on my PC. Very grateful for you advice. I have a few more simple questions as there does not seem to be a help guide written by Alamy on these aspects: (1) Is it possible to change the file name of the uploaded image after it has been approved by QC and is up for sale. For example. I have put 'Pembrey' when I meant 'Pembury'. Or - do you have to delete the image from your collection and then send it back up for re-approval? with an amended file name? (2) Is it possible to delete the image on sale and replace it with an identical shot but which has been for example corrected in Lightroom? Or do you have to delete the whole thing and start again? (3) Is it possible to show Alamy QC an image - say of a naturally coloured but exceptionally interesting plant - but which you have re-coloured in Photoshop in five different shades - so that you don't lose 50 shots and hours of uploading time because they were never going to approve the images in the first place? It would be good if you could place an image in a holding slot for approval of a whole class of photos - with a yes/no button from QC. (4) Does it make sense to upload the same image twice but with completely different title and tags in order to double the opportunities for sales - or is that frowned upon? For example - a reed mace (bulrush) setting seeds into the wind against a blue sky could be titled and tagged as plant botany, ecology etc - but also in a separate upload as philosophy, religion hope, mystery etc. Thanks again David
  15. Yes thanks to all. I know two things - one I have a lot to learn compared to all of you and two I love photography and will never give it up. So is this the best book for Lightroom? : Lightroom Transformations: Realizing your vision with Adobe Lightroom plus Photoshop Paperback – 11 Apr 2016 Amazon Prime ? or this one:
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