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  1. Feeling much better today about things and just going to keep plugging on. I have a few new batches to keyword so I'm going to go work on them tonight. It's a slow journey and that's OK!
  2. I just made a very low amount off a photo. Argh! I'm so tired of stock photography. It's a huge waste of my time.
  3. Sold nothing. Pretty discouraged and about to give up. Had a $8 sale two months ago and they gave me $2 from it for some reason. Seems like a ton of work for nothing.
  4. I notice you have album covers in your portfolio. Aren't they copyrighted? How does that work? Just curious. Also, I clicked on your account because i'm from Pennsylvania and I don't always see a lot of Americans on here
  5. I know what you mean... I was honored to be put on featured photographers in December, which was a total surprise, but I haven't noticed it's really helped much since it is a down time of year. All good. It's a great learning experience.!
  6. yes! It does! Thank you! Just thought I'd ask, but then realized I should have just searched
  7. I'm wondering how the lives new feed even works or how a freelance photographer gets into events, etc. to take photographs. I know, I'm a total newbie and I'm competition, so none of you owe me a thing But I am in the USA, in a semi-rural area and I highly doubt anything newsworthy will happen near me that would Alamy would be remotely interested in (plus I'm not sure American newspapers use Alamy or not?) Anyhow, I'm a stay-at-home mom who used to work for small town newspapers and just learned about the news feed so thought I'd try it out.
  8. I'm so brain dead I had to read your sentence three times. My eyes are crossing. lol
  9. Hey Rick! Thanks, I am shooting RAW and have been for several years now. This just happened to be one shoot the grain looked pretty awful to me. I've taken the others advise and will be submitting them to Quality Control soon to see what happens with them. Right now I'm working on some of the model releases. Thank you so much for the advice, though, because I totally agree with you! And I really appreciate having someone with your wisdom around to learn from!
  10. I find keywording severely tedious. Is it just me? I mean, I know it has to be done so it's not a real, sincere complaint, just a minor one.
  11. I forgot to add that I shoot with a Nikon d750 and the noise reduction is supposed to be superior to the cropped frames in this one, so it does seem to help, but this was a really pretty dark dojo for Karate.
  12. Oh wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this and explain it to me! Some great tips for photography over all in addition to stock photography! I'll definitely be trying some of the tips and hopefully the images won't fail quality control. Thank you again!
  13. I just worried about getting banned for 10 days! I'm trying to build up my portfolio.
  14. I didn't realize alamy accepted black and white photography. I don't see a place on the categories to choose some of the categories they show on their category page for customers. Does that mean their team curates them?
  15. Thank you! I worked for 13 years in newspapers and have a degree in journalism so I guess editorial is sort of my thing, but right now I just have a lot of my kids because...well....I'm a mom. And since I'm a mom, that's my main job but I figure building a foundation now could pave the way for something later, when I'm old and gray, because, dang, I'm getting old! lol! An insider told me lifestyle and editorial-like is big now. Maybe my old jobs prepared me for this season. I wish this was an overnight money maker since print journalism left me pretty poor, but nothing worth having is easy, r
  16. It's OK. I knew it was a tough road to walk when I started. Not an overnight money maker. It's OK. I'm just going to enjoy the ride and see what happens.
  17. I just shot an entire session at very high ISO. thank goodness I found this forum and learned a person can be banned for submitting noisy images and having them fail QC Yikes. I think I'll have to throw the entire session out as I am not an expert in reducing noise in Lightroom, though I'm working on it. I'll let the person I photograph have them for personal use at least. Glad to have found the forum and grateful for the info.
  18. Oh. New to all this and I guess I missed the time frame to get on board. Well, I'm a mom and this is just a thing to do in my spare time so I guess I'll just keep plugging on. You never know if you don't try, I guess?
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