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  1. I can live with a negotiated commission of 40%. Hell, I can agree to 20% and I won't care. What I can't accept is changing an agreement so fundamentally after contributors have made an agreement to give so many individual photographers have just been given a 20% pay cut. Effectively to announce to your contributor base that you can't be trusted to keep your word - something which is self-evidential because you've done this before. Say what you like about the company structure, it is clear and obvious that the only people who will ever benefit from this are alamy's own
  2. Yeah they don't tell the tourists about the lions and giraffes hiding in the forest You should come over - best bear sightings in Canada I reckon. I keep meaning to spend more time on the mainland - you have a lot more small mammals than we get on the island and there's a bobcat shaped gap in my photo collection
  3. Hi all! Firstly thanks for being part of this clearly involved and diverse community. I'm a Nottinghamshire, UK native that got bored and upped sticks to the West Coast of Canada in search of adventure. I definitely found it and now and I take more pictures a day than there are minutes in the day - which is a cataloguing nightmare but I can live with that. I've been lurking on Alamy for some time now and have been slowly adding photos to my portfolio but whilst I love taking pictures (wildlife and travel - how cliché!) I'm still a complete amateur when it comes to manag
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