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  1. Re views: most of my views - by a large factor - seem to be bots, which are quite easy to spot, either because they are 'New York, Russian Federation' type locations, or because after they've found you, you see lots of visits from the same location, either all together at nearly the same time (but looking at vastly different images, not findable on one search or adjacent in your portfolio), or at approximately the same time on several different days.

  2. . Another important note about fine art sites online is key wording is much more lenient!  There is no rank or ctr to hold you back and while some have unlimited space some only allow 12 keywords.

    FAA definitely has rank, probably related to sales, on their default search.

    In addition, after getting some sales there on a fairly small portfolio, I made a conscientious effort to add many more images to my port there, but they all sank to the bottom not only of my port, but also any search they were in, whereas older images are generally mid-ranked.

  3. I made some sales  on FAA last year, but this year only one so far.

    Other than a few single greetings cards, all my sales have been of US subjects; and looking at what sells there shows that it's mostly US subjects and localities or (many fewer) general subjects treated in an American-style way, especially Christian images with a 1950s/60s look. Well over 95% of the sales come from  US or Canadian buyers.

    Looking at the prices, it's not surprising, especially when shipping to Europe is included.

    They were supposed to be announcing a partnership with a European printer in the New Year, but that seems to have fallen through.

  4. I wonder why they chose two experts in the US rather than a broader geographical spread of expertise. MRs for commercial use may be a virtually universal need, but which countries have different requirements for editorial imagery (e.g. France and Hungary)?


    I'd like to see similar clarity on PRs, but again it would need to relate to different countries, not just the Land of the Litigious. I tend to play safe and often put 'need PR', 'don't have one', where I'm probably being over-restrictive.

  5. From today's email:

    "Hopefully Stockimo will be a great success on iPhone and it will make sense to follow up with an Android version. We’ll honour the same % split for any Alamy contributors registered with Alamy at the launch of Stockimo (Feb 4th) if they join Stockimo at any time in the future."

    Why would anyone using Android have signed up for Stockimo, unless they were going to change their phone instantly?




  6. I found this article giving a personal take about this Getty scheme: http://thedambook.com/getty-did-what

    It's an interesting read, but I'm imagining the photos are embedded via this scheme.

    If I click on an image, I'm taken to Getty.

    If I right click on an image, I can save it out, whereupon I discovered that there is no metadata, no copyright notice, no way of contacting the author or even Getty.

  7. Find more info at: http://whois.domaintools.com/newsbe.com


    I don't like these low priced sales to British newspapers -  always result in  this kind of infringement. Not always I have the energy to pursue.

    I agree, particularly in the case of The Telegraph - though in my case the many offending websites almost always seem to be in the Far East.

    I do find it odd that Alamy accepts low-value sales but won't help following up infringements - even when they could thereby share any dues.

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  8. Does putting them in quotes actually make any difference? The last time I looked, "blue sky", "many people" could still turn up in a (hypothetical) search for "blue people" - but ever since I started they've said that would 'hold together' a keyword phrase, but it hasn't actually been so, even though they will probably fare better on a search for 'blue sky' than blue people, everything else being equal (which it isn't in this case, as I suppose 'blue sky' has both more files and more searches than 'blue people'.

    However, should they ever decide to implement it, when you have 10,000 files, it would be daunting to have to go back and redo all your keyword phrases.

  9. This thread doesn't concern me directly because I'm not based in the UK, but I'm wondering why so many contributors stay in the newspaper scheme. Wouldn't it be better to opt out? Looking back through my sales, I have what appear to be leases to UK newspapers outside the scheme. The fees were certainly a lot fairer than what are being mentioned here. Is it a question of much higher sales volume within the scheme?

    I've seen an official post from Alamy which says that newspapers in the scheme don't see any Alamy images which aren't opted in.

    I'm reluctantly in it because of that, but I've had a few sales to UK newspapers at better than NS prices, so I guess some newspapers aren't in the scheme (maybe not big enough buyers).

  10. My views and CRT way down as well as sales - I think that the micros are getting more and more sales. One of my other agencies is selling my RM images pennies .o6 - .16 they say for phone pics or whatever. I get this long list of sales that add up to 4 dollars or so. I don't honestly know what the sales are for but they're not making any $ either on them

    Probably they made a deal with a phone company or whoever and got a generous payment for doing so, which they don't share with the suppliers.

  11. Slightly tangential, but I have photos of Japanese drummers, i.e Caucasian people perforuming Japanese drumming. They wrongly show up as Japanese ethnicity because of Japanese in the keywords (only in the non-recognised phrases 'Japanese drummers' and 'Japanese drumming', not on its own).

    I want to retain Japanese drumming/drummers in the keywords as well as the particular style, as I feel 'Japanese drumming' is a generic which could be searched on (well, Measures records 2 searches for Japanese drum in the past year, but around half of my sales don't show as having been zoomed - I have no idea if 50% in measures would be typical).

  12. I've been doing a lot of that recently [DNB4AC, DP34XH, DM1HFF] and I mark them all as illustrations. The more important question is will they sell?

    True, but the vast majority of my images here have never sold, and these particular images didn't work as normal 'stock' photos (too much clutter around the subjects), so fun to try, and nothing to lose. And a new technique learned. :P

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