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  1. Few sales seem to be near the calculator price (IME), so it's moot.
  2. 4 sales; $42.50 net. My jump in zooms in August and particuarly July (3x Alamy's average) seems to have come to naught.
  3. I still don't understand 'Creative' - I tried lots of searches and to my eye it seems random which are classed as Creative and which aren't. Even several of my own series have one or two apparently randomly assigned to creative, which is fine as they show up in a Creative search, but I don't see the difference.
  4. Like others above, a good number of zooms, third month in a row with a high comparative CTR. Sales better than July, 4 (RM), but the only one above $18 gross was distributor, so only $66.66 net total.
  5. I've just had a QC email for my most recent upload, about 27ish hours after upload.
  6. My last batches were accepted on the fifth day since the first went up, but that included Sat and Sun.
  7. Yes, that's it, as Ed suggested above (why did 'Alamy' not immediately see that would be the issue?), my name was automatically added as I submitted under Live News. Thank you - I knew I hadn't put my name in any searchable field. I guess I need to go through my entire portfolio identifying those images I submitted under Live News and deleting my name. I think moving on the lesson is for me to forget about LiveNews - it's such a hassle not to be able to use the computer for other things while uploading there (see other post on technical forum), and I've never sold anything directly from L
  8. I've posted about this before, and somehow thought I'd read that this long-standing issue had been fixed. Looking at Measures this morning, I noticed I had two searches on Elizabeth Taylor, of whom I have no photos. On checking, they were photos of an athlete called Josh Taylor, and my first name is Elizabeth. When I mentioned this sort of thing before - usually in reference to my surname, which is a city name, I was told not to worry, it wouldn't affect my CTR as it happens to everyone. That's not the real point - which is surely showing potential buyers what they want to see, which in
  9. OK, did another news batch on Friday night, as an experiment. Seems I can't do anything else with the computer or any files uploading at the same time will be 'unaccessible' and "rejected" on upload. The same files went up and were successfully ingested when I tried again, not doing anything else on the computer. As a control, I uploaded some non-news last night. I can even watch YouTube video without the file upload aborting, though of course, it goes up more slowly. Hmmm.
  10. I'm not sure how PEBKAP could cause some images uploaded at the same time to be successful and others not to. Not predicting any news/sport/entertainment soon, but if/when something happens, I'll take a screenshot. However, I accept that the problem is at my end, since others don't experience it. I'll try the sleep mode thing first, then uploading from a different HD if lenghthening the sleep time doesn't work. I do have a slow-ish connection, but it's not like the first three go up and the next ones are 'unaccessible', it seems completely random. Later: seems it can't be my sleep setting
  11. Lots of zooms, in fact my 'AverageCTR' for the month was over 4x Alamy's. One file searched by number three times. But only two sales for $20.44 total net, so still no incentive to spend any time or money making images to upload.
  12. AFAIK, my Javascript is also up to date. As FF is the most up to date version, what could cause JS not to be updated?
  13. Oh, I thought you meant some sort of Java applet specifically for Alamy. My Java thingy is constantly requesting updates and is up to date. Tx for the elaboration.
  14. @Ed: some files go up no bother first time. Other random files are tried 5 times then I get a message 'Rejected. File not accessible'. I have no idea what that means, and since the files all do go up after several uploading attempts, it's clearly nothing wrong with the files. Sorry, I have no idea what Java applet you're talking about, or how I would upload it, unless it was something we had to do when we were invited to News and I just followed instructions. I'm not remotely techie. However, I do have four external HDD and will try to remember to upload via one of these when next I ha
  15. I'm not convinced it's the HD (though it's obviously a possibility) - the normal uploads work properly as do uploads to other agencies. I also got the same error with my previous computer. I always use Firefox. However, having checked, I see FF now has only c17% of the market share. Are those of you who don't upload using FTP using Chrome? I'll apply for FTP, but I'm not sure I upload enough to have the request granted. Not much happens down here in the sticks! Thanks all.
  16. Does this list only come out to those and such as those, or can you request it? Does it come with some sort of unusual accreditation? I've noticed there are a lot of photos going up of a certain large event currently happening in Glasgow, from which commercial photos are not allowed to be made without accreditation, and the accredited photographers are mainly in one area, and certain of them are allowed into a very few other defined spaces, yet several of the photos here aren't from these angles (I'm volunteering there and have caught up with this stuff!). Wondering how that works, as the pho
  17. Ever since my first news upload, I've been plagued with 'Rejected. File not accessible.' Today it took me over an hour to upload 14 files - over six batches. Each time, I have to write down which ones uploaded successfully so that I don't upload the same photo twice, and even then, one was repeated. I mentioned this before, and most people said they had no problems. I accept other people's experience may well be different. However, can anyone suggest why this happens to me (almost) every time? I tried not doing anything else online while images were uploading, even closing other windows, but
  18. What about when a legitimate buyer puts these 'share' buttons on their page, so that their article/advert, complete with an Alamy image, can be copied onto Fb and/or other social media? I know of a recent example where an Alamy RM image was purchased and used in an a 'top ten location' article, with all the little 'share' buttons. A hotel in the top location copied the article and photo onto their Facebook page as a means of promoting their resort. Alamy support merely confirmed that the hotel company had not purchased the image an the artist was free to pursue them, as per usual. If buyers a
  19. Betty is right, though sadly there's nothing you can do on Alamy to protect even the most unique image from being sold for a low amount to a buyer with a deep discount.
  20. 7 sales, which is best month this year, just under $125 net. Funny month: the four better sales were in the first fortnight, when my CTR was recorded at much higher than Alamy's. Almost no views in the second fortnight, so CTR now half of Alamy's, and only 3 x $6.55 sales at the end of the month, one probably the one I discovered unpaid by the aforementioned publication, from July 2011 (when prices were higher). So now, halfway through the year, sales are 1/3 of last year, and revenue 1/4.
  21. Whatever you use, keep checking it. I was very happy with my OpTech, but I'd had it for years, and last month it suddenly snapped on a fold, crashing my camera and lens to a hard path. The camera is cosmetically damaged, knocking a LOT of any resale price, the lens is a huge repair, at the insurers, could take another month for them to decide if they'll repair or replace. Heck, I pay a lot more as I 'earn money from my photo equipment, you'd think they could sort it out quicker. Hopefully they were underpromising on date. That said, I'll get another OpTech and examine it - no other type I've
  22. 1 sale, $17.95 whoops, $13.44, net distributor sale. My shiny new graphs make scary reading:
  23. 2 sales, one very low (NS); just under $40 net total. Discovered an unpaid pic from 2011 (sic) (Daily Muddle) so will get a couple of dollars in due course ...
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