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  1. After I'd sorted out my relevant Alamy files, I realised that I probably have qualifying sales from elsewhere, so I've been googling and found several more book credits. I know that from Alamy I should only note my UK and Worldwide sales. I'm seeing quite a few credits via Google Books which are American publications (etc) but which are available on e.g. Amazon.co.uk. If they're available directly, new, from a UK source, does that automatically make them qualify? How about the simple fact that they're listed on Google.co.uk? TIA No idea why I haven't done this before!
  2. Oh, thanks; that would definitely explain it. I thought the total was just for 2014. Thanks again.
  3. My email from Alamy said I had 48 eligible sales in 2014. This was a surprise to me, as I only have 39 recorded sales in total for 2014, and several of these are UK Newspaper sales. I contacted MS and they confirmed that I have 48 eligible sales. Anyone know how this is worked out? I don't think even if they counted files 'bought, refunded, then resold at a lower price' as two sales that I'd have 48 if the UKN sales were taken out, but that's the only possibility that I could think of. In fact, there are too many files recorded as sold to entities outwith the UK that even if the UKN files w
  4. In particular, I find it's images pubished in the CT which end up all over far eastern blogs. I've always thought it wasn't worth pursuing there. Have you found differently, spacecadet?
  5. 6 - $194 net. CTR shot up, but it shot up even more last June, with no discernable increase in sales, so I'll keep hoping, but keep my expections in check.
  6. "Kenya flag" 791 results. Also hundreds of Kenyatta in Kenya and piloce on duty. Just because it's here doesn't mean it's OK. Look at some of the RF images in a search for Edinburgh Military Tattoo and consider whether it's likely that there's a full set of releases, as claimed.
  7. 2 sales, $25.52 net. All my buyers seem to have huge discounts.
  8. Agree with Geoff. Greater Adjutants have pale blue eyes, Marabou have dark eyes.
  9. It is tangential to the topic, but another thing to remember is that most people here quote their sales 'gross', whereas they only receive 50% or 30% of that. Micro sales are always quoted as net. Have to say my editorial sales here are decreasing in number and especially in $$ value, i.e. my revenue graph has fallen even more steeply since 2013 than my sales graph.
  10. Another thing to bear in mind is that model releases here must allow for 'sensitive use', which most micros don't require. So it might be that your micro releases wouldn't work for Alamy anyway.
  11. Some misinformation above. RF and RM as terms are licence usage types, nothing to do with editorial/commercial. RF can be, and is, sold as editorial elsewhere. Alamy sets its own rules, and unreleased images (any part of a person, that info is correct) must be RM, and you must indicate 'no releases'. Then it's up to the buyer to make the call. It is true that you'd have to decide with your editorial images between RM here or RF/editorial elsewhere. Also editorial sales values here can be consderably lower than at certain micros, especially via the UK Newspaper scheme (three x $2.89
  12. I thought this issue had been 'fixed', as I didn't seem to see too many false search results of this kind for a while, but it seems to have appeared again. Two recent examples from my own Manage Images: Notice that the different words in the search are in different areas and that I separate phrases with commas. And Yes, I see I have 'female woman' when I already have woman in Esskeys in the lower example, and that I haven't put Edinburgh University into the keywords in the top example. I'll fix these now, but I wanted the screenshot to show how I keyworded the files. Is there anything we
  13. Sales so far in line with 2014, i.e. much worse than 2013. However, the rpd is much worse, so earnings are well down (again) with very similar dl numbers.
  14. Still demotivating. 1 distributor sale (to Germany!) for $12.57 net; 3x @ $2.89 net each. None of these covered the cost in making the images. Still not motivated to shoot and upload any more.
  15. 4 sales, total net $47.36. Still can't get inspired to upload more. It's hardly worth the effort at the sales values. Well done to those who did better.
  16. I'm new to stock photography, I just recently had my initial batch of 4 images pass QC, but from what I read on the forums, you end up making very little from distributed images. On Alamy I'd rather sell less images for more, as the images I will put on Alamy are more specialized.My plan is to also sell more standard stock images through a different microstock agency. I'm not sure how this strategy will work out, but I will not continue to sell these type of images if my returns are equal or less than what I payed to make these type of pics that require payed models. I'm putting up 2 collecti
  17. 4 sales, $53.28 net, better than Jan is all I can say. Surprisingly, six of my seven sales in 2015 have been distributor. That's much higher than in the past few years. My direct sales seem to have dried up.
  18. Shocking month. 3 sales, all distributor, $20.83 net in total. Two of them were to the same buyer at $1.74 net each - not enough to cover my train fare to go and make the images. I find these prices unacceptable. I came out of the UK newspaper scheme to be rid of small value sales, but these are worse. STILL not inspiring me to upload any more. Zooms are still higher than Alamy's average (just by a bit in Jan), but so what?
  19. Pics on sale up c8%; sales volume 30% down, Revenue c40% down. Actually, revenue down almost 25% on 2012 though sales up c12%. So fewer sales and lower price per download. Still finding it really hard to get remotivated.
  20. I wouldn't take the fact that something is here as RF as a precedent. There are RF pics on Alamy of public outdoors performances with dozens of performers and probably hundreds of audience members. (marked Model Release: No)
  21. I've never been able to find Alamy pics anywhere near the top of Google searches, and had assumed it was deliberate policy to ban bots or something. Anyway, I have the only photo on Alamy of a particular less-known athlete. I Googled her name; her name and stock photo; her name and stock image; her name and my name; her name and Alamy; and my photo didn't come up under any of these searches.
  22. 3 sales; $34.84 net. Despite my CTR having been higher than Alamy's for months now. Yet again, I made more on an agency where I have <150 images (but can't add any more, before anyone asks the obvious; it's complicated).
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