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  1. Magazine use reported from Nov (I found its online in-use) $32.37 net.
  2. How is that legal? 8.2 of the Stockimo Contract Alamy cannot guarantee a photo credit in any instance, and will not be held liable if a photo credit is not made; nor can Alamy guarantee if a photo credit is made that it will show your Pseudonym or, where applicable, your Agency Contributor name. None of that gives 'Stockimo' the right to claim copyright. Alamy should have sorted that out with SS while thrashing out this 'deal'.
  3. Sold in 2015: A: I have no A files B: 43.5% C: 39.5% D: 14.5% E: a1.5% F: 0 I've only got 15 F images Seems likely that the number of B files and C files percentages is boosted by repeat buys of two files, always at tiny rates.
  4. Not for me. 2013 was my peak year. 2014 was well down from that. 2015 is up from 2014. A big difference is the vastly reduced rpd. Ouch, that's supposed to be my stats graph. Can someone please point me in the correct direction to make a dropbox jpg show up in my post? Tx
  5. I doubt very much your phone images are suitable for commercial use. SS have single-sales for hundreds of dollars, enhanced-license sales for around 40 dollars, and on-demand credit sales plus of course like all other sites, the subs sales. Once an image has sold as RF or subs, it can never be sold as an RM image. That's not true. It cannot be sold as a totally exclusive RM image, but there are many other RM contracts. I've never sold any exclusive rights via Alamy. Alamy itself has RM sales on designated-RF files (check any RF file to see). On-topic: I became fed up waiting for Al
  6. PLEASE Alamy, give us an editorial only button, instead of faffing around with restrictions (hoping we have the right combination), then getting emails asking us to remove them, as they limit sales (which is surely the point), then getting another email asking us to add them again to particular images. One button. Can't be too much to ask for, surely?
  7. 7 dls; $89.16 net. Still, this year has more sales and a bit more net $$ than last year, but still well below 2013, esp for $$.
  8. It's a state comprehensive not a private school. All schools had to produce a hard copy prospectus by law up until 2012 (most still do as schools and communities like them). They are required by law to have an online presence for parents/carers. State schools compete for numbers on roll in areas where two or more same-phase schools exist, hence the advertising and promotion. But I take your point, Crypto. OK, fair enough. I was a teacher for many years in a state school (Scotland) and we had a handbook, not a prospectus, and no advertising. We had no photos of pupils in the handbook,
  9. An example of a legitimate bad scenario might be: say, for example, the school is a private one (I'm assuming it is as it produces publicity), and someone uses the photo editorially to 'soft illustrate' an article lambasting private education.
  10. After a few better than average months, back to earth with a bump. 3 sales, total net $8.91. (Actually all repeat sales of the same pic).
  11. NYC, it was only a general observation about how the search actually works, as opposed to how they say it works. I have no help for your problem, sorry; or I'd have quoted you and answered directly.
  12. I'm sure if you look at your searches you'll find examples showing that really any word from any field can be mixed in a search result. Example in mine from this month - woman juniper. Caption: Passengers leaving a Class 334 suburban electric multiple unit train: lower level, Glasgow Queen Street Station Esskeys: Glasgow Queen Street Station, platform, train, Main: passengers, passenger, woman, walking, transport, public transport, people, "Class 334" electric multiple unit, "rolling stock", EMU, Scottish, UK, transportation Comp: "Class 334 Juniper EMU", United Kingdom,
  13. At 01:00 I was rather despondent with 1 for $10.50 net, but during today three more popped in for yesterday, so the total is now 4 for $90.50 net. Now I'm on one more sale than the whole of 2014, with slightly lower average $$ per sale.
  14. Can someone please point out the difference in what is shown on a file page between no releases needed and needs releases - no releases. All I can see on mine is Model Release - No (even if there's no-one in the image) and property release - no (even if no actionable property is in the image and I haven't ticked 'needs PR'). I can't see any difference in what's shown; viz. I can't see how the buyer is indicated whether one might be needed, or that none is needed.
  15. That's not an 'editorial use only' settig - it's what happens when you tick what appear to be the most logical restrictions, you can't sell at all. There is a workaround, but I just say Yes/No if appropriate or even if doubtful. I do see some uses coming through which might be considered non-editorial, but I guess the buyer is willing to take the risk.
  16. Ah, that could be it. It's credited to WENN Ltd. which is apparently a "Celebrity and Entertainment News Agency". That's also interesting, Carolyn. There must be some 'more desirable' suppliers who make that a condition of supply.
  17. Thanks, I do what both of you, Niels and John have said, but this red 'note' seems to be generated from within Alamy:
  18. I happened to come upon a series of images by another contributor which are marked 'for editorial use only'. I ca't find this on any of my images without releasews, including those I uploaded via the news feed. Could somone please tell me what I've missed, presumably hiding in plain sight? TIA
  19. Jools, I don't know what you mean by Creative and Editorial. Do you mean released vs unreleased? If so, there are tickboxes right next to the main search box. What Alamy means by 'Creative' (as opposed to 'Relevant') I can't imagine. I have a few series of the same subject where some images seem to be classed as Creative and some don't, despite all needing - or, in some cases, all not needing - releases. I can't see what is more 'Creative' about those which have been so categorised within my own series (far less anyone else's), and they are all equally 'relevant'.
  20. 5 sales, $79.60 net (net is much more meaningful and easier to compare with what I earn elsewhere). CTR keeping up; but that tends to mean very little, apparently (in my case).
  21. No, they have to be published in the UK. I'm not even sure that worldwide counts unless there is a definite UK publication. DACs are quite clear that it's Books/mags published, not just available, in UK. Thanks. Alamy definitely counts worldwide as eligible, I counted both UK and Worldwide book/mag sales to get the same total as they emailled me, and the split is roughly equal in my sales. For my other finds, I'll stick to UK publishers, though that cuts over 50%.
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